Orbital model: why use it in real estate marketing?

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The 3D orbital model: what are its roles in real estate development?

Digital innovations are constantly changing the world, including the real estate industry. Today, using simple plans and photos is no longer enough to guarantee the success of a new program. Investors and buyers are looking for a proof of seriousness from real estate developers and want to access relevant information easily. The 3D model is therefore an asset for any developer or architect to better sell their real estate programs. In this article, we explain the advantages of the orbital 3D model for your real estate programs.

3D model: a concrete and aesthetic projection of your future building

The 3D model is a three-dimensional representation, more concrete and aesthetic of your building project. It is a digital tool that allows you to visualize the interior or exterior of the building to be constructed from every angle.

With 3D, your potential buyers can observe details that a simple 2D plan would not allow. While a 2D representation offers a simple flat view of a house or a dwelling, 3D allows you to visualize the volumes of the building and the distribution of space. Indeed, only a three-dimensional visualization offers the possibility to appreciate the relief, the curves and the shadow effects of the future building.

3D is therefore more concrete and easier to understand for the average person. In addition to being more tangible for the general public, 3D rendering offers an unparalleled aesthetic advantage.

A three-dimensional digital model takes into account the width, length and depth of the property. But above all, it integrates colors, textures as well as landscapes and even a view of the parking lot for maximum realism. These details, far from being trivial, are much more pleasant and attractive than a simple photo. Indeed, the immersive and aesthetic side of 3D plays a tremendous role in the excitement that your residential or commercial program project will generate. 

Moreover, with the development of the online real estate market, more and more French people are becoming familiar with 3D models and tools. Potential buyers naturally expect to see 3D renderings since they are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to access.

The 3D model: an essential tool for professionals

The 3D model is a virtual three-dimensional prototype that interests both prospects and building professionals. More than a simple aesthetic asset, this model allows you to discover the final rendering of the building to be built or renovated. This digital prototype will allow your builders to discover the effects of materials, the rendering of coatings or the harmony between colors and materials.

With this visualization, architects and project managers can anticipate potential problems on the construction site before starting construction. Professionals can also check the consistency of the construction beforehand. Indeed, the use of this digital mock-up helps prevent construction errors that can delay the completion date or increase the final cost of your real estate program.

A 3D model is therefore a key decision-making tool for all construction work. Allowing the anticipation, the control and then the correction of the works, the 3D models facilitate greatly the realization of the project and save time to the team. But its role goes far beyond this purely technical aspect since it is an effective marketing asset for the commercial launch.

3D model: an essential key for marketing and communication

3D has become the best way to sell a residential or commercial real estate project. To convince buyers or investors or even the jury of an architectural competition, the 3D model is essential.

To understand your construction project, a simple visualization is enough since it is not necessary to invest time to study it closely. In digital format, you just have to broadcast your model on a touch screen, put it on your website or in a tablet for your prospects to access it. This 3D tool will generate many more leads, essential for the success of your new program.

Thanks to the 3D visualization, your future buyers can directly discover an aesthetic and concrete preview of the building. To see the details, all they have to do is click on the digital model. The interested customer can then visualize the building from all angles because a 3D orbital model can be read in 360°. Thanks to a cut-out orbital model, he can also visualize all the floors, the basement, the first floor up to the roof. He can zoom in and out on more precise areas: a window, a balcony or the roof. In short, the 3D plan is an effective way to stimulate the attention and keep the interest of a potential buyer or investor.

This visualization provokes emotion and excitement thanks to its realistic aspect. Currently, the 3D model is an essential commercial argument to sell in vefa or present a new development. Thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by the orbital model, it will even facilitate the marketing of each residence or apartment.

3D model with CRM: an effective marketing tool

Once your project is unveiled to the general public or to your targets, you reach the marketing phase. As a developer, you must answer all the questions of future buyers. To facilitate the task of your sales representatives and to conclude your contracts more quickly, the model contains all the essential information on the available lots. Whether it is the living area, the floor, the type (T2, T3, T4...) or the orientation of the lot. It is also possible to know the availability of the lot in real time thanks to the connection to your stock.

Each specific lot contains all the data that may be of interest to your prospects. It is even possible to access additional details such as a 2D plan of the lot, a virtual tour or a 3D plan of some rooms. With this summarized commercial information, you will facilitate the passage to action of investors.

In addition, to facilitate communication between your marketing and sales teams, you can benefit from the 3D model linked to the CRM. Your orbital model will then be used as a support to collect information on your prospects. Thanks to this data, your sales people will be able to improve their sales strategies to gain in efficiency.

Discover our services in 3D orbital model dedicated to real estate development

Whether you want to create residential or commercial buildings, Vizion Studio offers to create your high-end 3D models. Whatever the project, our team studies it and helps you conceptualize it.

We make 3D orbital models, which will not fail to seduce your customers and prospects. These are high-end tools that will allow your customers to view your real estate project from all angles. By zooming in or out, your customers will already be able to project themselves and imagine themselves in their new home. Indeed, thanks to an immersive design, 3D tools will help you to convince more easily. Entrust the realization of your digital models to our talented and passionate graphic designers.

If you wish to benefit from the best 3D solutions for your current or future projects, contact us now for a personalized quote.

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