Virtual tours: 5 benefits for real estate developers in 2023

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Since their explosion from the pandemic of COVID 19, virtual tours have become an important part of the real estate market and the cultural scene. Currently, this immersive tool is used more and more, especially by real estate developers in order to show clearly the aspect of the future lot and to valorize the project. An incredible projection element, every professional should arm himself with this technology. We explain why virtual tours are a must in 2023.

Virtual visit: a realistic immersion tool in a real estate complex

Virtual tours for real estate developers are a must-have technology in 2023. When you propose in particular buildings in VEFA and housing not yet built, impossible to propose a real visit to your prospects. To immerse your future buyers in your real estate program, the 360 virtual tour is the simplest and most effective solution. The immersive virtual tour is both rich in information and accessible via different media thanks to their compatibility with different search engines: tablets, phone, computer. They are often compatible with glasses and VR headsets.

With its 360° panoramic view, this tool offers a complete immersion in your future achievements. Your prospects will be able to move fluidly through each room by looking at all sides. Living room, dining room or bedrooms are easily visited with a few clicks. The visual information contained in your virtual tours will bring a maximum of decision keys to your prospects.

Whatever the type of clientele you are addressing, this tool greatly improves the understanding of your projects. Thanks to their technical skills and their knowledge of real estate marketing, virtual tour designers adjust their creation to your needs. In order to offer key data, you can request virtual tours for each room or apartment. T1, T2, T3... or even a R+1 or a R+2 in order to show the potential of each type of lot you propose.

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Customizable virtual tour: a tool to showcase your real estate projects

In addition to allowing your prospects to get a better idea of your property, virtual tours enhance your ideas thanks to their exceptional rendering. Made from computer-generated images, they get as close as possible to the future property. As one of the most important technologies of the year, the 3D virtual tour allows you to enhance the value of your current or future construction.

Whether you are working on a commercial or residential real estate program, you will be able to fully customize your virtual tours. They perfectly complement the 3D perspectives created to show the exterior facades and panoramas of the future complex.

The virtual tour has indeed proved to be a powerful tool to make visitors dream. Thanks to a complete immersion, you can imagine the possible decorations in each lot in order to get closer to the expectations of your target market. Whether it's classic, sleek or extravagant, you'll get the look you want. Moreover, our designers will design your interior from your plans or ideas, in order to stay true to your expectations.

The furnishings and decorations are made according to your choices in order to adjust to the expectations of your target market. Thanks to high-resolution virtual tours, it will be possible to see the textures and colors of the walls as closely as possible. Creating your virtual tour will allow you to restore all the richness of your ideas and to show it through different communication channels.

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Virtual tours: an effective real estate communication tool

Virtual tours have become an effective communication tool for real estate agents and developers. In addition to the total immersion offered in your real estate complexes, virtual tours have become a new communication tool in the digital age.

With 90% of Internet users starting their real estate searches on the Internet, every real estate professional should concentrate his efforts online. Indeed, for your Web communication, this tool brings many unsuspected assets.

As Google's algorithms are more and more fond of creative content like virtual tours, their use improves your natural referencing and your appearance on search engines. This is already the case for museums and historical monuments. You will get more clicks and more customers.

Moreover, integrating an immersive visit to your website improves your bounce rate, meaning that visitors will stay longer. Indeed, textual information and images don't retain visitors as long. The use of the 360° tour therefore improves the interest for your offers, and more widely for your brand.

Still for your Web communication, virtual tours also improve your backlinks or links that lead to your site. Again, this allows you to improve your notoriety on search engines.

To optimize your digital communication, use the virtual tours leading to your real estate program:

  •         Integrate them into your website;
  •         Share the URL link on your social networks;
  •         Invite your visitors to share the link of the virtual tour with potentially interested people;
  •         Use a QR Code to scan at a trade show.

It is therefore an investment with significant benefits. The use of virtual tours offers you a significant gain of visibility online, and also reduces your expenses in traditional communication.

Virtual tour of real estate: a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism

Virtual tours are crucial information supports for all your prospects. Whether you work in B2B or B2C, it is a key element of your professionalism. In the age of digitalization, your customers expect you to provide them with the means to access a maximum amount of information more quickly. The virtual visit allows you to meet this growing expectation, while offering a unique and interactive experience to your future buyers.

By opting for a high-resolution virtual real estate tour, in addition to gaining a modern image, you will more easily gain the trust of your prospects. For real estate professionals, the use of technology is therefore essential to position yourself well in your market.

Virtual tours: a lever for the marketing of your lots

Virtual tours greatly facilitate the marketing of your lots thanks to their realism, interactivity and data. According to a study conducted in France, 74% of people appreciate the accessibility of this system at any time. Your prospects can access it at any time and without constraints.

Moreover, the virtual visit facilitates the process of selling your lots. Especially in real estate development where information is numerous and disparate, the virtual tour allows you to synthesize a maximum of information on a single medium. Enriched virtual tours even facilitate the integration of clickable buttons to access additional data: zoom, neighborhood mapping, additional audio and textual information, housing plan, etc.

Finally, your sales representatives will be able to receive more qualified calls and enjoy unexpected time savings. Moreover, according to the same study, 40% of the people questioned indicate that the use of virtual visits considerably shortens their decision time. Indeed, the immersive visit allows them to check if the property is in adequacy with their own expectations, which reassures them on their choices.

While 3D perspectives are increasingly used, virtual reality and virtual tours are not yet fully democratized tools. It is therefore a major demarcation factor.

It is therefore an effective way to save time and enhance your brand image. In the age of digitalization, you need to present yourself with the right technology to offer a unique experience to your visitors and convert them into customers.

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