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3D animated film for real estate: a sales and presales gas pedal

Would you like to capture your prospects' attention with an innovative and distinctive tool? Would you like to revolutionize your real estate communications? 3D animated film is for you.

A short film produced entirely in computer-generated images, this tool presents your real estate projects in a dynamic way, showing off their full potential. Entrust your real estate3D animation films to VIZION STUDIO.

Why create a 3D animated film for real estate?

Real estate 3D animation is a short film with many tangible benefits for real estate developers:

  • Attract more buyers: a powerful marketing tool, the animated film attracts the attention of your prospects and potential buyers to your new-build property program. It's perfectly suited to today's ultra-trendy short video formats. You can therefore integrate them into your social networks and websites to effectively present or tease your project. What's more, this tool is designed not only for first-time buyers and young people, but also for seasoned investors.
  • Convincing buyers and investors: Dynamic and striking, 3Danimated films are an excellent way of triggering your prospects' decision to buy. It's totally effective for all types of project: commercial buildings, villas, residential areas, apartments, etc. Our 3D computer graphics artists and animators demonstrate unlimited creativity to create a real visual experience that lives up to your expectations and is capable of persuading an interested buyer.
  • Impact through visual storytelling: real estate video is an excellent medium for storytelling. It's a way of telling the story or concept of your project through strong visuals. It's a way of conveying not only messages, but also emotions. In this day and age, storytelling is a popular format for rallying your target audience around your project. You can easily use it to demonstrate the program's potential, and trigger a real "coup de coeur" among investors and buyers.
  • Highlighting your programs: More entertaining than a simple image, 3D animated film provides a realistic visualization of the project. Video has the incredible advantage of offering complete immersion through animation and camera movements. Our graphic designers can focus on your project in a variety of ways, from aerial shots to cameras inside or outside the complex. Films can be used to focus on the strong points of your program and stage it effectively: landscapes, the quality of buildings, natural light, scenery, etc. If you want to give a precise taste of life in the venue, it's even possible to create virtual characters for the occasion.

Have your 3D animation film made by VIZION STUDIO

VIZION STUDIO creates comprehensive 3D tools to energize your real estate development business. Thanks to our team of talented graphic designers and experienced animators, we produce high-quality 3D animation films. We work optimally to deliver a realistic, unparalleled image to guarantee your brand image. Every project we create is designed to enhance the value of your real estate programs and make it easier to market your lots.

Having worked with numerous developers for over 20 years, we are committed to offering you a tailor-made experience with a dedicated project manager. Our way of working allows us to adapt to your constraints and objectives. Contact us today to create your 3D animated film, and give your real estate communication a boost.

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