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3D modeling for pre-construction assessment: what are the advantages?

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3D modeling for pre-construction assessment: what are the advantages?

3D modeling is rightly seen as an excellent sales driver by many real estate professionals. But in addition to being a marketing asset, it's also an excellent decision-making and preparation tool during the pre-construction phase of a building.

Accurate, easy to understand and consensual, a 3D model becomes an indispensable tool for any project. Discover the advantages of 3D modeling for pre-construction in this article.

Better collaboration thanks to 3D modeling

Through 3D modeling, all construction stakeholders collaborate in a more intuitive way. This is a major advantage of 3D modeling prior to building construction. Prior to the execution phase, each of them can take part in drawing up the plans and determining the expected renderings, thus smoothing the construction phase.

In concrete terms, architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers and all subcontractors can work together to define and agree on the broad outlines of the project.

BIM software offers the opportunity to comment and work together online and in real time on a digital model. Stakeholders can check geometry, materials and components by visualizing the 3D model.

Everyone can use the comment or annotation section to make comments on plans or models. This close collaboration enables us to identify problems and seek solutions together.

Improved communication between stakeholders

In addition to facilitating collaboration between stakeholders, 3D modeling has the advantage of streamlining communications during the pre-construction phase. 3D models enable a clear, interactive presentation to all stakeholders. Visualizing the space in three dimensions makes it easier to understand the space and its dimensions.

This enables the team to have a single, similar understanding of the entire project. Ultimately, 3D modeling enables clear expectations to be set for all stakeholders, reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

All the parties involved agree on all the details of the project beforehand: the style of construction, the finishes, and so on.

The ability to simulate with 3D models on BIM

Alongside classic CAD software, you'll also find BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. In addition to generating virtual mock-ups, these can simulate various aspects of the future construction. It is therefore possible to obtain simulations and analyses on :

  • Energy efficiency (and therefore the environmental impact of the building to be constructed) ;
  • Ventilation and indoor air quality;
  • Building acoustic quality;
  • Natural lighting.

These analyses can be used to find solutions to any problems identified. For example, several construction methods can be simulated to determine the best way to complete a building.

What's more, this simulation capability is an excellent decision-making tool. For example, it is possible to use different materials and simulate their impact on the overall real estate project: whether it is ahead of schedule or behind budget.

Simulation based on 3D modeling can be used to estimate the cost and quantity of materials, for better project management and planning.

Better verification of construction conformity with 3D models

States, regions and municipalities have a set of precise regulations governing construction within their territorial jurisdiction. One of the advantages of 3D modeling for construction is that it facilitates compliance analysis.

In fact, some 3D software programs can be used to analyze the energy performance or safety of the entire project. 3D visuals are an excellent way of checking whether the building to be constructed complies with the standards of the urban or rural landscape defined in local regulations.

In the event of software non-conformity, it is always possible to take action prior to construction.

Some 3D models are useful for generating regulatory compliance documents, analysis reports and construction plans. These complete documents will enable you to obtain authorizations to start constructing your building more quickly.

Detecting potential errors with 3D modeling

The precision and realism of 3D models means that any construction errors can be identified at an early stage. For example, you can use the data from your software to perform automatic checks and calculations.

Thanks to 3D modeling, you can also compare the model with the spatial plan, etc.

In the event of errors, all you have to do is readjust your digital model on your 3D tool according to the correct calculations. This avoids discrepancies between projects and final deliverables, as well as unpleasant surprises on site.

Optimized design thanks to the flexibility of 3D modeling

The great advantage of 3D modeling in the pre-construction phase is its great flexibility. Modifying an aspect in CAD software is inexpensive and straightforward, whereas modifying it on site is expensive and time-consuming.

So, to find the best finishing options in terms of cost and efficiency, you can test different designs from your 3D models. A materials analysis will even reveal the best cost-quality ratio. So your future building will be better optimized.

3D modeling software can also be used to test different configurations and designs to find the best solution.

Shorter construction times with 3D models

Thanks to 3D modeling, the construction analysis phase can be completed more quickly. Previously, the design phase alone could take 4 to 6 months, not least because of the numerous corrections required.

By using 3D modeling upstream, you can automate certain tasks and carry out in-depth analyses more easily. This makes it easier to plan the building's construction phase.

You improve the efficiency of your planning and reduce delays on site. What's more, by anticipating problems, you minimize the risk of cost overruns on your project.

3D modeling is therefore an invaluable aid in the pre-construction of a building. Building better helps to reduce costs and make your project more profitable.

Save time. Entrust your 3D models to professionals.

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