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The benefits of 3D animations for customer engagement

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The benefits of 3D animations for customer engagement

After decades of model-based design, the world of real estate has come a long way. Alongside the advent of 3D perspectives, 3D animation has gained in popularity in real estate thanks to its dynamism and marketing effectiveness.

These advantages are of particular benefit to developers, real estate agents and construction professionals who want to close sales more quickly. In fact, its use speeds up property sales and pre-sales. Discover the advantages of 3D animation in real estate marketing.

3D real estate animation: a technological revolution

3D animation gained momentum with the technological leap of the 1990s and the democratization of digital tools. It has modernized real estate marketing, making it easier for prospective customers to visualize real estate projects.

A 3D real estate animation is a visual representation of a property created using 3D design and animation software. The effect of movement it creates makes it possible to present a real estate project in a realistic and immersive way.

Its dynamism is of particular interest in capturing the public's interest. Whether for residential, commercial, industrial or other types of property, all real estate professionals need to take advantage of these new technologies to promote their know-how.

3D animation: a more dynamic presentation

The 3D animation is based on a static 3D model containing the textures and architectural form of the building. It's a technological revolution, because it reconciles design techniques with the buyer's expectations.

The animation technique brings these photorealistic architectural models to life. While 3D perspectives are static, 3D animation guides the viewer's gaze to various details. You'll find several types of 3D animation videos.

Some animations offer an unobstructed view of the property, with camera movements from left to right, top to bottom.

More elaborate versions offer the opportunity to see animated characters in the streets or corridors of the building.

For large-scale real estate projects, 3D animation can include aerial views or neighborhood animations that present the location of the project in relation to its surroundings, highlighting environmental features and nearby amenities.

The animation can even move spectators along a street as if they were there, guaranteeing complete immersion. This dynamic effect is sure to arouse public interest in your real estate project.

3D animation: a major storytelling asset in real estate

Storytelling is the art of telling stories. It offers the perfect opportunity to touch the hearts of audiences, arousing their emotions and helping them to take action. Applied to 3D animation, this marketing technique lets you tell stories visually.

Much more than just an animated version of the 3D perspective, the animated video can be used to unfold the story of the project, or to depict an entire day within the complex, once completed.

For construction projects, for example, 3D animation can illustrate the building process step by step, showing the evolution of the project from foundations to completion.

What's more, it can also follow a character as he discovers the entire complex, visiting each room or building. This will enable the public not only to discover all aspects of the site quickly and simply, but also to simulate the lights and the state of the complex at nightfall.

It offers the interested party a spectacular visual experience and holds the viewer's attention. But it's also a way of immersing the public in the realism of the project. The natural result is an increase in property sales.

To take storytelling a step further, you can add additional options such as voice-overs. It makes the project easier to understand, while highlighting the mood you want to convey.

The tone to adopt depends on the purpose of your 3D animation: narration, information, advertising, etc. For example, the voice-over can adopt a soft, melodious tone to establish an emotional connection with the viewer, or a more professional, engaging tone to explain the various aspects of the real estate complex.

3D animation: an excellent targeting tool

For homebuyers, especially those buying off-plan, 3D animation is an excellent way to get a feel for the property. While 3D perspectives enable rapid immersion, and 3D plans visualize the interior comfort of the property, 3D animation makes it easier to understand the ambience of the location.

In fact, the use of characters in 3D animations enhances the identity of the location andattracts the project'starget audience.

In an office building, for example, the animation often includes people working, calling on the phone, while showing the comfort and convenience of open spaces and closed offices.

On real estate programs designed for families, you'll often see 3D animated characters walking around or cooking.

3D animation: a modern, attractive tool

In this day and age, static visuals are no longer enough to hold the public's interest. Social networks have revolutionized the consumption habits of young and old alike. As a result, video and animation have become essential for promoting a property or a real estate project.

As far as real estate agents are concerned, the real estate presentation video is a must for selling and attracting customers. Animation is therefore becoming its equivalent for real estate developers. By using 3D animated videos on your website, you'll have the advantage of keeping web users' attention for longer and, above all, signaling the interest of your content to Google.

This will give you greater visibility, attracting a wider audience to your projects.

3D animation: a guarantee of your brand image

3D animation offers a definite advantage: it enhances your brand image. In fact, by offering high-quality, professionally produced visuals, you make a major contribution to enhancing your brand image.

It's an essential element in setting you apart from other real estate developers. This identification is not only important for the public, but also for investors and financial partners.

With 3D animations to support your explanations, you increase your chances of winning the confidence of partners and obtaining the funds you need to start your real estate project.

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