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How do 3D models boost real estate sales?

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How do 3D models boost real estate sales?

Do you want to increase the sales of your real estate projects? The 3D model is the tool you need. It provides a realistic, detailed representation of a real estate project, making it easier for potential customers to understand the space.

From a 360° tour of the property, to the visualization of the environment, to the consultation of available lots, prospects have all the keys they need to make a decision.

What's more, the captivating aesthetics of 3D models arouse emotion, making it easier for buyers to project themselves into their future home. Find out how orbital 3D models transform your prospects into convinced buyers.

Present spaces clearly and realistically with a 3D model

A 3D model is a three-dimensional graphic representation of an existing property or one under construction. It's also known as an orbital model, as it offers a 360° tour of the property complex.

From a bird's-eye or pedestrian's-eye view, you can see the entire building from different angles.

3D models easily turn prospects into customers, thanks to their clear, realistic presentation of the project. With just a few clicks, potential customers can already understand :

  • Geography and building layout;
  • Architectural style of the house ;
  • Accommodation options ;
  • The surrounding nature of the project.

The 3D model makes it easier to understand the concept of the real estate project. If the prospect likes it, he'll be more inclined to ask for more details about the project. Orbital models can also provide additional information, particularly on available lots.

What's more, the virtual model can be accompanied by detailed sub-models with floor cut-outs. This eliminates doubts and hesitations, making it easier to reach a decision. This 3D tool ensures a clear understanding of spaces, making it easier to turn prospects into buyers.

Successful real estate marketing with 3D models

Successful sales depend on an effective real estate marketing strategy. To achieve this, adopt 3D models.

Aesthetic presentation

We've seen that 3D models make it easier to convert prospects thanks to their clarity and realism. But they alsoattract more customers thanks to the aesthetic presentation of your real estate program.

Visualizing a property with harmonious, artistic details is more appealing than a simple 2D sketch. These details can show the style of the garden, the location and design of the swimming pool, the roofing material, the design of the balcony, and so on.

The 3D model enhances the presentation of a real estate project, capturing the audience's attention. What's more, prospects can explore more details by taking a full tour of the property and zooming in on different elements.

This is why 3D models are used as real estate marketing tools.

Use in communication media

3D models are excellent tools for promoting real estate programs. They can be used to create attractive, striking visuals to move potential buyers. You can integrate them into websites, social networks, brochures or sales folders.

Moreover, ads enriched with 3D visuals (models, plans, 3D images) holdweb users' attention for longer, improving your search engine positioning. This ensures traffic growth to boost your sales.

Enhancing credibility

A real estate project presented in the form of a 3D model offers greater precision, eliminating doubts and uncertainties. Presenting the project in a convincing way reinforces your credibility as a real estate professional with your prospects.

In addition to gaining their trust, you also improve your brand image, which ultimately helps you attract more customers. It's a tool for standing out in a highly competitive real estate market.

Adopting 3D models as part of your marketing strategy demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to innovation.


The 3D model is an affordable marketing solution. It can be produced inexpensively on software or by a professional. Instead of adopting traditional prospecting with the use of physical tools (newspapers, leaflets, etc.) that require more time and expense, opt for accessible technology.

Make prospecting easier with orbital mock-ups that prospects can view via their computer, smartphone or tablet. They speed up decision-making and don't require a major investment. So you can better manage your budget.

Improving communication with 3D models

3D models boost sales by reducing errors and customizing to meet customer needs.

Error reduction

The 3D model of a real-estate project facilitates communication between the various players involved: architect, project manager, developer, etc. It also enables potential design errors to be detected before construction begins. It also enables potential design errors to be detected before construction begins.

This avoids the need for costly modifications during the course of the project. This pre-project visualization ensures more efficient realization of the real estate project, making it easier to market the final project.

To promote collaborative working, construction professionals can use the BIM digital model.

This type of 3D model provides technical data relating to location, material composition, volume and surface areas, etc. It has the advantage of speeding up the construction process. It has the advantage of speeding up the construction process. The sooner the project is up and running, the sooner you can satisfy your customers.

Fitting and customization

3D models also facilitate communication between architects and customers. The latter can suggest adjustments to reduce last-minute changes. In fact, 3D models can incorporate additional functionalities.

By adding an immersive virtual tour, the customer is plunged into the heart of his future home. They can then express their real expectations, for example, by asking to change the color of the walls, the placement of certain decorations, etc.

The orbital model gives future buyers the freedom to imagine their future acquisitions. Such a personalized experience is a winning strategy for successful sales.

Optimizing customer relations with 3D models

Good customer relationship management is synonymous with optimizing the sales process. The interactive 3D model can be connected to a CRM to facilitate the work of real estate developers.

Data management

The use of a real estate CRM facilitates the management of real estate programs, including allotments, prices, availabilities and schedules.

It also facilitates the creation, management and updating of address books. A 3D model equipped with a CRM enables you to find sales opportunities linked to the proper management of these contacts.

Marketing follow-up

Adding a CRM to your 3D model saves time for your marketing team. This tool is capable of collecting data useful for marketing analysis, to optimize customer targeting.

This enables you to adapt your marketing strategy to boost sales performance. A CRM enables you to view leads, reservations and batch sales.


Having access to data at any time can be beneficial to your prospecting efforts. If you're out in the field, you can always consult the data on any medium.

Likewise, potential buyers with access to the 3D model can enjoy an excellent user experience thanks to CRM. They can access your various services according to their needs.

Let's create a high-performance 3D model for your real estate projects.

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