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User-generated content and 3D models: what are the advantages?

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Imagine a satisfied buyer who highly recommends your services on a discussion forum. Or a company sharing a photo of its new premises, highlighting your brand. These are examples of user-generated content that helps promote your brand. Long used in digital marketing, this type of content is proving to be a considerable asset in real estate promotion. Discover the many benefits of user-generated content and 3D models.

Inspire confidence with user-generated content and 3D models

3D models are known to enhance the overall experience of customers looking for their future property. This can encourage them to share their satisfaction with others. In this case, they contribute to the creation of user-generated content and a means of reinforcing your credibility with your target audience.

Public recommendation

User Generated Content (UGC) refers to any type of content created and distributed by users themselves. It can take many forms, including sharing videos, photos or publishing a blog post. This type of content is a valuable marketing resource. To encourage UGC, it's important to offer customers original experiences, hence the need for 3D models.

The 3D model is a digital representation of a real estate project, enabling prospective buyers to visualize the external features of the property. In effect, they were able to visualize the project realistically and make an informed decision thanks to the 3D model.

Satisfied with their journey, your customers can recommend you to their networks via videos, photos and review articles. These recommendations constitute user-generated content, to which Internet users pay particular attention.

In fact, according to IFOP in 2020, 87% of consumers say that information published by their peers influences their final decision. And 23% systematically take into account information published by their peers when making a decision. The 3D model can therefore be a way of encouraging your customers to share their experience, demonstrating your credibility and reliability as a real estate professional.

Testimonials and ratings on various platforms

Before contacting a real estate developer, the customer first conducts online research. In addition to browsing the various developer websites, he or she will also view testimonials and reviews from other customers. This user-generated content can be found on discussion forums, review sites or simply in comments on websites or social networks.

Positive customer testimonials will naturally influence decisions, remove doubts from potential buyers and improve your SEO. User-generated content therefore leads your prospects to be more interested in your services. But when testimonials aren't enough, the use of images lends credibility to your projects.

That's where 3D visuals come in. 3D models are a way of showing your audience what you've done, and what you're going to do. Not only do they attract attention, but they also generate commitment thanks to the possibility of taking a complete tour of the property.

Reduce marketing costs with user-generated content and 3D models

3D models require investment, whereas user-generated content is totally free. Combining these two techniques ensures a good ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Free advertising

Users help spread the word about your brand without being paid. Here are some examples of totally free content that works in your favor:

  • Video presentation of a business premises: the aim of the video is to highlight a company's working atmosphere and infrastructure, in order to attract new employees, for example. If your real estate development company is mentioned, or your brand appears, you already benefit from free advertising.
  • Blog post: specialists can compile a ranking of the best real estate developers in which your brand appears. Sometimes, this list leads directly to your website, improving your SEO by creating backlinks. If the user clicks on the link, the possibility of seeing 3D models and other visuals confirms your professionalism.
  • Comment posted on a photo of a home: a private individual simply decides to post a photo of himself in front of his home on social networks. It's free advertising if they include your brand name in the description, or if they reply to anyone asking for the name of the builder of the property.

You also have the option of paying influencers to promote your business in a more direct and elaborate way. Considered more authentic and impactful on the public, this marketing technique is currently very popular.

Competitive advantage

The real estate sector still rarely makes use of user-generated content, despite the fact that it's free. By using it, you'll stand out from the competition, without incurring any expense.

Perfect your offer with UGC and 3D models

Successful real estate marketing means anticipating and responding to customer needs. User-generated content combined with 3D models can help you achieve this goal.

Taking criticism and comments into account

User-generated content, whether negative or positive, can always be useful to you. In the event of a negative remark, don't hesitate to thank customers for their feedback, promising to improve your services. This shows you're listening to customer expectations. What's more, constructive criticism enables you to identify problems and find ways of overcoming them.

These comments may relate in particular to your 3D models. It's important to correct any problems with 3D models that customers point out, such as 3D models that are not faithful to the real estate delivered, or that contain bugs. Calling in 3D professionals to design realistic, optimized 3D renderings is therefore crucial.

Evaluating customer satisfaction

User-generated content is also an opportunity to assess customer satisfaction. Reviews and comments, for example, enable you toanalyze the rate of engagement generated by 3D models. If this rate isn't satisfactory, you can consider integrating other 3D visuals such as architectural plans, 3D perspectives or interactive tours. Its integration into your marketing strategy, combined with 3D models, demonstrates the importance attached to customer feedback.

Create an effective marketing strategy with user-generated content and 3D models

As you can see, user-generated content alone is not enough to create a complete marketing strategy. You need to accompany it with professional content, ideally with 3D visuals like the 3D model.

Online advertising campaigns

You can combine user-generated content and 3D models in your online advertising campaigns. For example, you can integrate 3D models of real estate projects already on the market into your website, with positive customer reviews underneath. However, you need to make sure that these reviews are representative of your brand.

Similarly, on social networks, you can share customer feedback while publishing photorealistic visuals. To strengthen your ties with the public, you can respond to comments and pertinent questions.

Your own content should complement user-generated content. Prospects need access to as much information as possible from professionals and customers to help them make the right decision.

Encouraging interaction

The best way to encourage your audience to create UGC is to encourage them to interact with your content. You can make a 3D model of a real-estate project available to the public and ask for feedback. For example, you can ask them what they think of the architectural style of the project, the look of the garden or the intuitiveness of the model. This allows you toobtain user-generated content directly .

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