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3D model creation: costs and budget management?

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3D model creation: costs and budget management?

3D modeling in the real estate sector requires a high level of expertise, which is why property developers entrust this task to experienced 3D computer graphics artists.

This delicate process consists in realistically representing a real estate project to make it easier for stakeholders and future buyers to understand. The rates offered by these 3D professionals vary according to a number of criteria, not least the complexity of your project.

By making the right choices, you can obtain 3D models that perfectly meet your expectations, while reducing costs. In this article, you'll find out how much it costs to create 3D models, and how to manage your budget.

What factors influence the cost of a 3D model?

The costs associated with creating 3D models vary according to a number of factors.

The complexity of the project

3D modeling is the process by which a computer graphics designer creates a realistic three-dimensional model of a real estate project. This process can be rapid or lengthy, depending on the complexity of the project.

Generally, the professional sets the price according to the scope of the project, looking at the following elements:

  • Building height: number of storeys, building structure ;
  • Space size: total surface area to be modeled, including indoor and outdoor areas;
  • Number of parts: single or multi-part modeling;
  • Decorations: number of decorative elements, quality of textures and materials;
  • The amount of detail: furniture, green spaces, characters or any other element contributing to the realism of the 3D model.

Creating a 3D model involves several stages. First, the graphic designer uses CAD software to create a blank model of your real estate project. He then adds textures to make the scene realistic. This involves adding colors and materials to the 3D framework.

Finally, light and shade are added to bring the real estate project to life. The time allocated to these tasks can take hours, days or even months, depending on the feasibility and complexity of your project.

In general, round objects take longer to model than square ones. So the more complex the 3D model, the longer it takes to create, and the more expensive it tends to be.

The professional's profile and experience

As with any service, the price of 3D model creation depends on the professional's profile. The price of a 3D modeler may vary according to whether he or she works in an agency or is self-employed. It may also depend on their geographical location.

More experienced 3D graphic designers generally charge higher rates, as they can meet more demanding requirements. For the 3D modeling of your large-scale real estate project, it is advisable to call on a graphic designer with several years' experience.

He'll be able to showcase your real estate project to captivate your customers. Not only do you benefit from a professional collaboration, you also ensure quality results.

On the other hand, a 3D studio can be financially more advantageous, as it offers a wider range of services to meet your requirements. You can count on a variety of profiles under the direction of a project manager.

You'll have a single point of contact to coordinate the work of 3D computer graphics artists, 3D designers, video editors, 3D animators, layout artists and texture artists.

Hardware and software

3D modeling professionals set their prices according to the materials used, to ensure a good return on investment. Modelers invest in basic equipment such as a computer and graphics card, as well as a professional-quality 3D printer.

The latter usually entails additional expenditure on maintenance, upgrades and filament cartridges. Finally, 3D modelers must purchase 3D modeling software and licenses to carry out their work.

An initial investment of around €150,000 is required to get started with professional 3D modeling.

It's better for you to entrust the 3D modeling of your real estate project to a professional. This option guarantees quality results.

3D model type

3D modeling can be used to create various types of 3D visuals, which also vary in price depending on whether they are :

  • Photorealistic 3D image ;
  • 3D architectural drawing ;
  • Floor plan ;
  • Orbital model ;
  • BIM model ;
  • 360° interior or exterior perspective;
  • Virtual tour ;
  • 3D animation.

Sometimes, packages including various types of 3D solutions are offered to avoid separate investments. This keeps costs down.

Pricing method

Each 3D modeling professional has his or her own pricing methods.

Hourly rate

The 3D modeler can charge you according to the number of hours worked. This rate is generally used for 3D modeling projects that require a lot of time to create, such as models of large buildings.

Flat rate

The 3D modeler can also invoice you for the service on a fixed-price basis. This is a fixed price set by the professional, covering a range of services. The rate depends on the complexity of the project, the quality of the texture and the geometry.

Additional costs are therefore incurred for services not included in the package.

How do you manage the budget allocated to the creation of 3D models?

There are ways to manage your budget to ensure a good return on investment in your real estate development activities.

Price comparison

Before making your choice, it's important to compare market prices. Gather several quotes, and ask as many questions as possible to ensure that the 3D modeler is able to meet your expectations.

Taking into account the complexity of your project and the experience of the professional, you'll be able to find the best value for money.

Setting objectives

You'll find it hard to budget your request without having clearly defined your objectives. Worse still, 3D modeling could cost you more than you'd normally pay if you're not clear about your requirements.

It's imperative to provide as much detail as possible, as changes during the modeling process can result in additional costs.

Don't hesitate to provide complete project documentation, including architectural plans, sketches, texture lists and inspiration photos. This will make it easier for the 3D artist to understand and model the project, which in turn may help reduce costs.

It's easier for the professional to draw up the specifications, helping to create a 3D model that's exactly in line with your vision.

Preparing for the unexpected

You need to leave a certain margin in the budget to prevent unforeseen costs. As the project progresses, you may come up with new ideas. Modifications will then be necessary, sometimes involving additional costs.

Choosing the right professional

Finally, the choice of professional depends on your needs and the criteria you're looking for. If you're looking for quality, it's a good idea to turn to professionals with experience in 3D modeling.

Check the reliability of the studio or the person, as well as their achievements and customer testimonials.

Our VIZION STUDIO agency will meet all your expectations.

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