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Real estate marketing and 3D: a winning combo

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To make your mark in the real estate world, you need a well-oiled real estate marketing strategy. In this race for the top spot, 3D modeling is an undeniable asset for attracting, converting and retaining buyers and tenants. 3D perspectives, real estate models or 3D plans, each tool plays its part in promoting your real estate activities. Find out in this article why combining real estate marketing and 3D is a winning strategy.

3D in real estate marketing, a powerful attraction

Real estate marketing consists of implementing actions to gain market share in the real estate sector. 3D is a tool that can be combined and integrated perfectly with marketing, enabling your company to stand out from the competition. Visuals such as 3D perspectives and 3D plans can serve as effective communication media. Thanks to their realism, they quickly capture the attention of your interlocutors or visitors to your site.

Instead of pushing your 3D visuals towards prospects, you can also work on your inbound marketing, i.e. attracting them to you. To attract customers to your real estate programs, 3D is a simple and effective solution, particularly when integrated into your SEO strategy.

Indeed, search engines are increasingly focusing on content with highadded value, i.e. that is different and qualitative. 3D fits in perfectly with this approach, since visuals are beautiful and interest web users. What's more, they generally provide a better user experience, since they make it easier to understand the real estate project. For example, a virtual visit enhances the experience and immersion, compared to a simple photo. Search engines will therefore favor sites that offer them.

To improve your real estate site's SEO, it's also important to include internal links. You can integrate your 3D model into your netlinking strategy, by including interactive buttons and links to other pages on your site.

3D for real estate, a good lead generator

For real estate professionals, 3D is also an excellent way to generate leads, i.e. toobtain contactinformation such as a prospect's e-mail address. To generate leads, it is possible to offer a detailed visualization of a virtual tour in exchange for a newsletter subscription. The use of email marketing will then be a means of building customer loyalty.

To generate leads in real estate marketing, 3D animation can also play a key role. In fact, by creating short animations with a well-developed narrative, you're more likely to encourage prospects to ask for more information. This technique, known as storytelling, is an excellent way of reaching the heart of your audience and increasing their level of interest.

More dynamic and lively, 3D animation enhances your real estate project. What's more, it's an excellent way to differentiate your brand. Thanks to a well-structured storytelling, it will enable you to gather additional requests for information from interested customers.

3D in real estate marketing, for better conversion

In addition to attracting, 3D in real estate marketing offers an excellent means of conversion. From visitor to prospect, then from prospect to buyer, 3D is playing an increasingly important role. So, once you've generated leads using 3D tools, you can also adopt them to convince a prospect to purchase a property or lot.

When viewed on your website by a prospect, 3D visuals reduce the barriers to purchase by providing comprehensive information. Easy to use and intuitive, they allow you to streamline the reservation process, leading to the signing of a sales contract. So, with 3D, real estate marketing offers greater opportunities for off-plan sales.

Visuals like the 3D plan offer a clear and precise visualization of properties. It allows you to check the volumes and dimensions of the property, and make a proposal for the layout of the home. This makes it easier for people who are still recalcitrant to understand. For your sales teams, 3D is an argumentative tool that provides all the keys to decision-making. In this way, it will be easier to erase the prospect's doubts and respond to any objections.

In addition to visuals on social networks and the like, it's possible to work on highly customizable content to attract potential buyers.

As is already the case in the clothing and cosmetics sector, personalization attracts more people and ensures a better conversion rate. For example, in the case of a 3D plan, you can propose a modular plan with modification possibilities. Changing colors, moving furniture or knocking down a wall gives a better understanding of your property. So your prospect understands the full potential of the property, which will easily turn him into a buyer.

3D marketing, enriched, high-quality content

In real estate marketing, 3D enriches your marketing actions. Far from being an asset intended only for websites, 3D visuals are useful everywhere: e-mail marketing, blog posts, social networks.

When you generate leads and obtain e-mail addresses, you can send e-mails to your newsletter members. This involves sending out information on a regular basis, with the aim of selling goods or building customer loyalty. 3D can play an important role in this, as it helps to illustrate your message and demonstrate your expertise as a real estate professional. For example, your informational and promotional e-mails can contain 3D perspectives of new developments in progress, or a 3D model to visualize the lots still available in another project.

On social networks, visuals and photos are essential to attract the attention of target customers, especially first-time buyers. For real estate agencies, 3D is also an excellent way of promoting older properties. For real estate developers, these visuals offer an opportunity to show off unbuilt properties. 3D animation formats are also very popular.

Among the marketing actions where 3D plays an important role, we can also find blog articles. These texts, written and posted on a regular basis on your real estate website, drive traffic to your sites. To add value to this textual content, you can add 3D visuals or animations. In addition to demonstrating your expertise and capturing visitors' attention, you also send a strong SEO signal to search engines.

To achieve this, it's important to calibrate and optimize 3D models so that they meet potential buyers' needs for speed and visual quality.

3D real estate marketing, a means of follow-up and adjustment

Real estate marketing is not just about attracting and converting prospects into buyers. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing actions, and how to improve them, is also very important. The 3D model plays a crucial role here, as it generally enables the integration of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. This tool makes it possible to track prospects right through to their decision to buy or abandon. Your sales teams can better qualify the customer in order to accompany them through the purchasing process.

Integrated with the 3D model, CRM can track prospects' interactions with it, capturing information such as the parts of interest to customers, the areas where they interact the most, etc. You can also analyze the performance of your 3D models. It will then be possible to discover buyers' preferences and adjust your next marketing actions according to the results.

3D thus plays a role in attraction, conversion and analysis in real estate marketing, which is why it's so important to use it.

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