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Paid advertising and 3D models: an asset for your real estate marketing

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Paid advertising and 3D models: an asset for your real estate marketing

What if you integrated your 3D models into your paid real estate ads? This mix offers numerous marketing advantages for your business. You'll be able to improve your visibility and increase traffic to your site, instantly.

On top of that, you'll make it easier to convert web users into customers, while guaranteeing them a great experience. Combining paid advertising and 3D models is therefore the ideal strategy for promoting your real estate projects.

This article explains the advantages of this technique, how it can be used and how it can be optimized.

Paid advertising and 3D models: why pay for your real estate ads?

Paid advertising is a marketing method in which a company pays for its ads to be displayed on various online platforms.

It offers a number of advantages to real estate developers wishing to showcase their developments in 3D models.

Ease of use

Paid advertising encompasses practices designed to promote your product or service online. By paying, you can increase the online visibility of your real estate ads, enhanced with 3D models.

The main advantage of paid advertising is that it's easy to set up. Thanks to this method, you don't need to be a marketing specialist to achieve concrete results.

With increasing competition and advertisers vying for top spot on search engines and news feeds, organic content is slow to get noticed.

Their effectiveness largely depends on many other factors (technical, content, site performance). Although this strategy is free, it requires a lot more time and expertise, which can become costly in the long run.

Similarly, the 3D model is a more engaging tool for prospects. It's ideal for distinguishing your real estate ads from those of competitors.

It's also easy to use, as all you have to do is integrate it into your website so that web users can visualize your real estate project. This not only piques their interest, but also facilitates their projection into the property.

Immediate results

Pay-per-click advertising guarantees immediate results. This technique generates instant visibility and traffic. It's ideal for showcasing your new real estate project in the form of a 3D model.

By combining 3D models and paid advertising, you can speed up the marketing process for your real estate developments. It's worth pointing out that traffic drops off when you stop paying. You can, however, maintain your online visibility and traffic with good content.

For real estate sales sites, realistic renderings such as 3D models are crucial elements in driving traffic to a website.

Good return on investment

You can benefit from a good ROI thanks to the immediate results of your paid advertising campaigns. In fact, the price you pay for paid advertising is far more affordable than the results it delivers.

With a small budget, it's possible to reach a wide target, especially with social media, which have a low distribution cost. However, with non-paid advertising (SEO), you'll need to commit more time to establishing an effective strategy.

In the long term, however, SEO does incur costs in terms of optimization.

To make the most of your investment in paid advertising, integrate 3D models into your real estate ads. This will highlight your real estate project while gaining maximum visibility.

Better performance monitoring

Paid advertising tools provide a wealth of information and statistics for your marketing campaign. You can easily :

  • Evaluate the ROI of your paid advertising campaign;
  • Track your website activity;
  • Get to know your target thoroughly;
  • Turn your prospects into customers.

That's why it's so important to master analysis tools like Google Analytics. These record data on visitor acquisition and behavior.

Paid advertising and 3D models: which digital channels to use?

There are several types of paid online advertising, due to the multitude of digital channels. The choice of platform depends on your budget and your objectives.

Search engines

The aim of paid search engine advertising is to make your ads appear on search engine results pages. It generally costs more than other channels.

So don't hesitate to enhance your real estate ads with 3D models for maximum effectiveness.

The main paid search engine advertising tools include :

  • Google Ads: for Google's search engine, YouTube and its vast network ;
  • Microsoft Advertising: for Bing and Yahoo search engines and partner sites.

There are two types of pricing: CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click). The former aims to boost your online visibility, while the latter encourages conversions.

Social networking

You can also use paid advertising for your social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X. This allows you to reach a wider audience and create direct contact with your customers. There are several paid advertising formats on social media, for example:

  • Sponsored posts: Facebook makes it easy to share 3D models of your real estate projects;
  • Carousel ads: they allow you to present several visual elements to promote your brand;
  • Video ads: you can share immersive videos of your real estate project;
  • Influencer marketing : you can also entrust the promotion of your business to influential people on social networks.

Paid advertising and 3D models: how to make it effective?

Paying is not enough to gain visibility and increase conversion rates. You need to take into account a number of factors related to the content of your real estate ads.

Attractive visuals

Marketing your real estate projects relies heavily on visuals, whether on your website or on social networks.

So, in addition to paid advertising, you need to invest in attractive, immersive visuals to increase target audience engagement. For this, interactive 3D models are the ideal tool.

Internet users can visualize the entire building realistically. You can also share 3D perspectives for visual-oriented platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Convincing advert

Your ad needs to capture the interest of your target audience. You need to be clear and precise about the main features of the property, such as:

  • Type of property: house, apartment, studio, loft, commercial building;
  • Location;
  • Area and essential dimensions ;
  • Condition of the property (new, renovated, work to be carried out), etc.

Optimized content

Paid advertising is based on bidding. In principle, the advertiser who pays the most gets the advertising space. However, the ad in question also needs to have the best score thanks to keyword relevance, expected click-through rate and landing page experience.

You must therefore not neglect these aspects to ensure a good return on investment from your paid advertising campaign. A 3D model is already a good way of improving the user experience.

All that's left is to identify the right keywords to ensure the success of your real estate sales.

Let's build your 3D models!

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