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Virtual tours: 3 reasons to use VR for real estate visits

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Virtual tours: 3 reasons to use VR for real estate visits

Virtual reality is now being adopted in a wide variety of sectors, including video games, cinema, healthcare and real estate. It is in real estate that virtual reality has seen an unprecedented boom in recent years.

By eliminating geographical and temporal barriers, this immersive technology makes it possible to create virtual property tours that make life easier for real estate developers and buyers alike.

Today, we'd like to show you three advantages of using virtual tours for your real estate projects.

1. Save time with VR for real estate viewings

For real estate professionals (architects, developers and real estate agents), the use of virtual visits represents a considerable time-saver. By reducing the number of physical visits, you'll be able to make an initial selection of the most qualified customers, while optimizing your work.

Fewer physical visits

Using VR for real estate visits involves creating a virtual tour of a property. For an unbuilt property or one under construction, this involves making a realistic 3D model of the property.

For existing properties, the virtual tour is created from a 360° scan of the existing property.

The virtual tour is an interactive 3D projection that enables anyone to visualize a property in a realistic and immersive way. The virtual interior tour allows you to :

  • Discover the main features of the property;
  • Look at every corner of a room: walls, ceiling and floor;
  • Use the zoom to focus on a specific element;
  • Move around the different rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom.

A virtual tour can also be taken outside. It allows you to visualize the outside environment of your real estate project, such as the garden, swimming pool, courtyard, alleyways or neighboring houses, in an immersive way.

The virtual real estate visitsaves youtime by reducing the number of physical visits. Between managing appointments, organizing property visits and promoting your real estate programs, every minute becomes precious.

All these time-consuming tasks are alleviated thanks to a virtual tour, which allows your prospects to visit you remotely. This not only saves you time, it also saves you money, by reducing the costs associated with travel.

Selecting potential buyers

Talking to potential buyers and answering their questions requires a great deal of time, which is wasted when they are not really interested in the property. Using virtual tours is therefore a way of reducing the number of unsuccessful physical visits.

This technology makes it possible to distinguish the most interested customers from the merely curious. In fact, only customers who are convinced by the project will make an appointment for a physical visit.

Potential buyers who have already formed a more or less accurate idea of the property, thanks to the virtual visit, will only need to confirm their decision during the physical visit.

Work optimization

The real estate virtual tour is a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It's not just for future buyers, but also for builders of undeveloped real estate projects.

Like all 3D technologies, the 360° visit offers a realistic presentation of a property, making it easier for the various stakeholders to understand. This makes it easier toestimate the cost of any work required, and speeds up the completion of the real estate project.

2. Increase your sales with virtual real estate tours

Real estate virtual tours are essential tools for improving your visibility and attracting more customers. They also help you boost real estate sales.

Increased traffic

Marketing real estate projects is no easy task, given the fierce competition in the field. Conventional real estate ads find it hard to stand out and blend in with the crowd.

By integrating a virtual visit into your real estate ads, you increase their chances of being seen by a larger number of Internet users. In fact, ads containing virtual visits generate more contacts than traditional ads.

Virtual tours not only add value to your real estate project, but also to your website.

Internet users will spend more time on your site, browsing the different rooms of the property. This will increase traffic to your site, improving your search engine rankings.

Demarcation from the competition

Using VR in real estate marketing is a major asset that helps you stand out from the competition. Internet users naturally prefer real estate ads that contain immersive presentations of the properties that will potentially become their future home. This facilitates sales and enhances your brand image.

Expanding the customer base

Virtual property tours also enable you to present your real estate developments to a wider range of buyers. In fact, you can show properties to customers from far away, even internationally.

They can view the property remotely from any connected device, such as a smartphone, computer, tablet or even a VR headset. So it makes sense to integrate virtual reality into your real estate marketing plan to maximize your real estate sales.

3. Enhance the customer experience with a real estate virtual tour

By improving the customer experience, you can accelerate potential buyers' decision-making and boost their confidence. Using virtual reality for real estate visits is the best way to enhance this experience.

Total immersion

The interactive virtual tour plunges visitors into the heart of the property as if they were actually there, unlike a static image. By virtually walking through the various rooms, they can imagine the different layout options.

What's more, immersive virtual tours establish an emotional connection between the visitor and the property. That's why more and more developers are adopting immersive marketing for their real estate campaigns.

This involves using immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to increase customer engagement.

Rapid decision-making

Looking for a new home can be particularly difficult for a buyer. They have to do a lot of research before they find what they're really looking for. 2D images don't show the full potential of a property.

In the end, the future buyer will have wasted a lot of time before making up his mind, due to a lack of information. What's more, they don't necessarily have the time to make several physical visits.

Make it easy for them by offering a virtual real estate tour that leaves no room for doubt. This way, he can see all the details of the real estate project, at any time, without necessarily having to go through a physical visit.

If your real estate project matches his expectations, he won't hesitate to contact you for an actual visit and to make a decision.

What's more, using VR in real estate visits boosts buyer confidence. Satisfied with their customer experience, they won't hesitate to come back to you for future purchases, or to recommend you to others.

This immersive technology helps to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Of course, it doesn't replace the physical visit, but it considerably improves the overall experience for future buyers.

We create your virtual tours.

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