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Find out more about webinars and training courses on 3D models

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The real estate sector is a major consumer of 3D models. Whether for architectural design, construction work or real estate sales, 3D models play an important role at every stage of the program process. Courses and discussions offer the chance to explore all the opportunities offered by this visualization tool. Find out all there is to know about webinars and training courses on 3D models.

Webinars and training courses on 3D models: what are they?

A webinar is a seminar organized online and broadcast to a group of people via a platform or software. Webinars can be used for training, collaboration or networking. In marketing terms, it can be used for a lead generation campaign, a product demonstration or a customer retention strategy.

A webinar on 3D models can have several objectives, such as training on 3D model design or discussions on the challenges of 3D models in the real estate sector. A 3D model is simply a three-dimensional digital representation of a building complex. It aims to highlight the architectural aspect of the property, while integrating details and decorative elements. It allows you to visualize the exterior of a property, with the possibility of taking a complete tour.

Webinars are interactive, as they allow the organizer and participants to interact on a given topic. In contrast, training simply provides knowledge, without direct interaction with the learner. In both cases, however, information and knowledge on a specific subject, such as 3D modeling, are always gained.

Webinars and training courses on 3D models: who are they for?

Determining the target audience for real estate 3D model webinars and training courses is a matter of determining who is likely to be interested in this 3D tool. This technology can be used by all professionals working directly or indirectly in the real estate sector.

3D Designers

There are webinars and training courses on 3D models for people who aspire to become 3D design professionals. They are also available to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge in this field.

The content of the training or conference may cover :

  • 3D modeling using CAD software ;
  • Texturing and lighting;
  • The key principles of 3D design ;
  • 3D model optimization techniques ;
  • Added functionality: annotation, modification ;
  • How to find your first customers, etc.

Real estate developers

3D models play an important role in the work of real estate developers. Webinars and training courses can therefore cover a wide range of topics, such as :

  • Use cases for 3D models in real estate development ;
  • The future of real estate with 3D modeling;
  • The advantages of 3D models in real estate marketing ;
  • BIM models and sustainable development.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents also use virtual models to facilitate property transactions. Conferences and training courses that may be of interest to them could be :

  • Integrating 3D models into marketing materials;
  • The advantages of 3D models for real estate agencies ;
  • Real estate model and exclusive mandate;
  • Methods for boosting sales with orbital models.

Other real estate professionals

Finally, webinars and training courses on 3D models can be aimed at architects, construction engineers or designers. Topics can include :

  • 3D architectural design ;
  • The importance of the BIM model ;
  • Collaboration on 3D models;
  • The use of 3D models in urban planning.

Webinars and training on 3D models: what's in it for the property developer?

Webinars and training courses on 3D models offer numerous advantages for real estate developers. The main objective is to maximize the profitability of 3D models at every stage of the real estate project.

Project design phase

3D models are particularly useful for planning and designing real estate projects. This tool enables you to visualize your real estate project realistically, even before construction begins. It helps you to detect inconsistencies or elements (colors, shapes) that are not to your liking. At the design stage, digital retouching is easier and less costly.

While 3D models are primarily visualization tools, BIM models are analysis tools. Webinars and training courses can focus precisely on BIM models. Also known as digital mock-ups, these provide data on the real estate project prior to construction. It helps designers to detect potential design errors, thereby reducing the need for costly modifications during construction. It also enables the building's energy performance to be simulated, so as to build an efficient, sustainable real estate project.

Construction phase

Webinars and training courses also help property developers to make effective use of 3D models during the construction phase. This is because virtual models improvecollaboration between the various parties involved. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors that can cost you dearly. The model can be used as a visual aid to train personnel, before and during construction work, on the procedures to be followed and the renderings to be delivered.

In the case of VEFA, purchasers can follow the progress of construction using a connected 3D model. Webinars and training courses on 3D models can therefore focus on optimizing the realization of a real estate project using a 3D model.

Marketing phase

The 3D model is proving to be a real marketing tool for real estate projects. It offers an aesthetic and realistic presentation that immediately arouses the interest of prospective customers. They can discover the space in 360°, facilitating their projection.

The 3D model can also be linked to a CRM to improve customer relationship management. The marketing team will be able to better respond to customer expectations and offer personalized experiences.

Learn how to integrate 3D models into your communication and marketing materials, thanks to our webinars and training courses. This will also help you make the most of your 3D renderings or improve the customer experience.

Training courses and webinars on 3D models: where can you find them?

All it takes is a little online research to find the right webinars for you. All you need to do is register on the relevant platform and log on at the date and time indicated. Likewise, a wide range of online and face-to-face training courses are available. They can be free or paid. The choice depends on your needs, availability and budget.

You can also organize your own webinar for marketing purposes. This means, for example, promoting your real estate projects to your target audience in order to convert them into customers. You can explain your projects in detail, using 3D models as visual aids. This way, you can generate more leads and demonstrate your expertise in real estate development.

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