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CAD software comparison for real estate professionals: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp

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CAD software comparison for real estate professionals: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp

Are you looking for the CAD software best suited to your needs? Computer-aided design (CAD) has revolutionized the entire real estate sector, making it easier to visualize construction projects.

This is why manufacturers offers architectural design software. Among the most popular are ArchiCADcad, AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp.

How do you choose between these market behemoths? Discover our CAD software comparison based on the criteria of our real estate 3D modeling experts.

Best CAD software for real estate professionals: Essential criteria for comparing CAD software features for real estate professionals

In the real estate sector, you have a multitude of CAD software choices for real estate professionals. A multitude of software choices is available for modeling.

ArchiCAD by Graphisoft, AutoCAD by Autodesk, Revit by Autodesk and SketchUp by Trimble are among the most popular.

Comparing the basic features of AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and SketchUpBasic features: which is the best?

These ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp software packages enable you to design a virtual test version of a real estate project, from construction to sale.

What software has in common

ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup are architectural software packages that share certain common features:

  • The ;
  • Document storage ;
  • Document management ;
  • The function for architecture, engineering and construction;
  • The collaboration tool ;
  • Access controls and permissions ;
  • Importing and exporting data ;
  • Reports and analyses ;
  • Editorial staff.

In addition to these features, these software packages are all classified as BIM or Building Information Modeling. This is an intelligent digital construction process based on a 3D model and construction data (location, GPS coordinates, materials).

This process provides real estate professionals with the tools and information they need to design, plan, manage and build. more buildings and infrastructures.

Ergonomics assessment

With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, SketchUp is very easy to handle. Together with AutoCAD, they rank among the fastest for conceptual modeling. ArchiCAD and Revit stand out for their structured, complex approach to complex architectural projects.

 Data storage

Data hosting capacity is one of the criteria to consider when choosing your workstation software. You have several choices: local storage, cloud storage or hybrid storage.

You can host your data on local storage or on data management systems or in the cloud (Revit). You can have hybrid storage (ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SketchUp).

The main advantages of on-site hosting are : Local storage makes it easy to access data at any time. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is much more flexible, allowing you to access data from anywhere and deploy new features on the software. ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and SketchUp have the advantage of this dual storage system. Revit, on the other hand, works exclusively with Cloud storage. However, this does not preclude its ability to manage

  • More secure data;
  • Data is instantly accessible.

The main advantages of cloud hosting are :

  • Flexibility for rapid deployment of new functions and applications ;
  •  Data accessibility.

ArchiCAD and Revit allow you to manage complex models with large volumes of data.

Project design

The ability of CAD software to manage different aspects of architectural project design is a decisive factor in this comparison. Each software excels in different parameters.

ArchiCAD excels in visualization and technical drawings.

AutoCAD stands out for its ability to organize and present construction stages.

SketchUp stands out for its simplicity in designing 3D models using simple drawings and the push/pull tool.

Revit offers more advanced parameters for team collaboration and building data analysis.cad

These CAD programs also model the design part of the product. The parameters to be taken into account with the software that has the best options for each feature:

  • Visualization: ArchiCAD comes out on top.
  • Drawing: ArchiCAD
  • Editing: ArchiCAD
  • Drawing: AutoCAD
  • The construction sequence: AutoCAD
  • Dynamic updating: ArchiCAD

The basic functionality of CAD software is an important factor in the choice of software. However, exploiting advanced configurations can define the preference of one CAD software over another.

Comparison of advanced 3D modeling software options

Advanced features let you determine the performance scope of your 3D modeling software: artificial intelligence, collaborative tools and plug-ins.

Integrating artificial intelligence :

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) propels CAD software into another dimension. The combination of AI and CAD applications optimizes the design and manufacturing process. AI automates repetitive tasks and is capable of :

  • Generate texts to annotate models ;
  • Transcribe a text into a 3D drawing.

These functions are all available in your reference software. So far, AutoCAD is the best reference in this field.

Collaboration tools

The collaboration tool facilitates the communication of data and files between all project stakeholders. Its aim is to make interactions between collaborators more fluid.

Software designed specifically for real estate professionals generally includes collaboration tools.

Thanks to C4R and its Cloud, Revit offers excellent support for simultaneous users.

Autodesk A360 from AutoCAD lets you share drawings and models with other team members. It makes it easy to annotate and import files using Google Drive and Dropbox.

With Teamwork, ArchiCAD enables several collaborators to work on the same project at the same time.

SketchUp features Trimble Connect for cloud-based collaboration and Extension SketchUp Viewer for sharing models with collaborators who don't use the software.

The ability to add plug-ins

Plug-ins extend the basic capabilities of your architectural CAD software.

ArchiCAD features MEP Modeler, for modeling plumbing systems, and GrassHopper connection. on, which allows you to link

AutoCAD has some very interesting extensions for architects: AutoCAD Revit Interoperability enables files to be imported or exported between the two programs, while AutoCAD architecture offers specific tools for architects.

On the SketchUp side, V-Ray for photorealistic rendering. SketchUp STL lets you prepare files for 3D printing. Blender Exporter facilitates the creation of advanced animations.

Dynamo for Revit makes it easy to automate tasks, whileEnscape facilitates the presentation of 3D models with a high level of realism.

Blender to export to Blender and fire animations

Best architectural CAD software: comparison of other criteria

To choose the best CAD software, opt for high-performance software that matches your skill level.

Platform availability

Compatibility and accessibility are among the most important criteria for making a selection.

  • AutoCAD: available on Windows, Mac, Android, IPhone, IPad
  • ArchiCAD: available on Windows and Mac
  • SketchUp: now available on Windows and Mac
  • Revit : available on Windows and Mac (non-native Mac version)

Pricing of licenses and subscriptions

CAD architecture software is available either as a free version or as a paid version with a free trial period. A paid version gives you access to a host of interesting features. 

For SketchUp, the annual license is :

  • 115 € : SketchUp go
  • 337 € : SketchUp pro
  • 722 € : SketchUp Studio

For ArchiCAD, subscription rates are set by authorized Graphisoft resellers such as Abvent. The offers are :  

  • 6590 € excl. tax: license without contract
  • 6840 € excl. tax: license with 12-month contract

For AutoCAD, the subscription fee is :

  • 288 €/month
  • 2,322 €/year
  • 6,966 €/3 years

For Revit, the subscription is :

  • 414 €/month
  • 3,330 €/year
  • 9,990 €/3 years

The ArchiCAD software publisher offers preferential rates if you upgrade from the previous version. 

According to this comparison, each of these 3D architecture software packages has unique advantages.

Choosing the best software therefore depends on your needs. SketchUp is the best value for money. Easy to use, it is particularly suited to students and professionals looking for a quick start.

For more advanced and technical designs, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD are the must-have programs. Revit is more suitable if you're looking for powerful, collaborative software with advanced features.

No time for training? Let us take care of your real estate mock-ups.


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