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Unreal Engine for touring and virtual reality: complete guide

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CAD software for real estate professionals

Want to streamline the process of visiting your property? Unreal Engine is the technology for you. This 3D modeling software offers comprehensive functionality for creating realistic, high-quality virtual property tours.

This virtual reality tool is ideal for any real estate project. But how does it work? What are the advantages of using it for virtual real estate visits? How can you optimize workflows with this tool? Find out all the answers to your questions in this comprehensive guide.

How does Unreal Engine work in virtual production?

Unreal Engine offers a wide range of features for creating virtual tours.

Unreal Engine, 3D creation software

Unreal Engine is a real-time 3D creation software . It was created and developed by Epic Games as a video game engine for all developers. But today, this tool is widely used in the field of virtual reality in general.

It can be used to create a virtual, immersive environment for a variety of sectors:

  • Video games : immersive games, Metaverse
  • Real estate and architecture: realistic 3D rendering, architectural visualization, interactive virtual tours
  • Cinema: real-time special effects, virtual characters and environments
  • Education and training: learning simulation
  • Automotive: virtual vehicle visualization, real-time parts and color configuration

Unreal Engine features

Unreal Engine offers several features, such as :

  • Building and modeling immersive virtual environments with Unreal Editor
  • Real-time rendering, lighting and materials creation: with Nanite and Virtual Shadow Maps
  • Cross-platform support: create augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality experiences on different platforms. PC, consoles, VR headsets, smartphones, etc.
  • Community and marketplace presence: users have access to a wide range of assets and ready-to-use tools.

Features differ depending on the software version you're using. Unreal Engine 4 (EU4) and Unreal Engine 5 (EU5) are the most recent versions.

The benefits of using Unreal Engine for virtual tours

There are many advantages to using Unreal Engine for virtual property tours:

  • Cost-effective solution: Unreal Engine is a free software package offering the tools you need to create virtual tours;
  • Time-saving: Unreal Engine's intuitive scripting system enables rapid prototyping and iteration, reducing development time;
  • Immersive, interactive experience: it integrates apartment lighting, neighborhood sounds, and ultra-realistic interior and exterior decorations;
  • Decision-making support: an immersive tour of the real estate complex makes it easier for customers to project themselves into the future.

How can Unreal Engine be used in real estate?

Originally designed for video games, Unreal Engine is now an indispensable tool in the real estate industry.

Real estate virtual tours

The real estate virtual tour or 360° virtual tour allows people to virtually walk through a house or apartment. It offers an immersive experience for visitors, who can move through all the rooms in the house or take a complete tour of a room.

With Unreal Engine, it's possible to create a realistic environment that allows the visitor to visualize every detail: floor texture, wall color, furniture layout, and so on.

Real estate communication

In the digital age, the real estate sector is increasingly turning to 3D solutions to communicate their projects. It's an effective means of communication for property developers, real estate agencies and other real estate professionals.

Thanks to Unreal Engine software, you can facilitate your real estate communication with customers. It lets you create photorealistic 3D visuals, 360° perspectives and virtual real estate tours for businesses and private customers.

Construction and renovation projects

Unreal Engine makes it possible to create realistic virtual environments. This tool is ideal for architectural projects that have yet to get off the ground. Architects and site managers can visualize the project in advance and anticipate any errors.

This facilitates communication between the various parties involved. The software is also ideal for re-imagining an existing part. It allows you to simulate new elements. For example, renovating walls, changing interior design or simulating room lighting.

How to use Unreal Engine to create an immersive experience?

Unreal Engine is the best software for creating an immersive experience. Discover the process of creating an immersive experience with this technology.

Virtual environment creation

Once the software has been installed and configured, the first step is to gather the resources needed to create the 3D environments and objects. Select the shape and dimensions of the 3D terrain on which your virtual environment will be based. Next, create the level layout and virtual objects.

To bring environments to life, you need to create materials and perform virtual texturing . This involves adding textures to a 3D object to make it more realistic. You also need to configure lighting effects, including sunlight and shadows. Finally, create the desired ambience for a realistic setting.

Integration of additional functions

The next step is to add motion functionality for a more immersive experience. This will enable visitors to move around the various rooms, such as the kitchen, dining room and bedroom.

Unreal Engine offers the option of exporting your rendering as a realistic, immersive video. By adding a tracking feature with Unreal Engine Analytics, you can analyze visitors' customer journeys.

This tool collects and analyzes data in virtual environments created by Unreal Engine. This helps you to understand general visitor behavior with a view to creating a more engaging environment.

How to optimize a virtual real estate tour with Unreal Engine?

Now that the virtual real estate tour is in place, adjustments are needed to optimize the experience.

Personalizing the user experience

Once you've carried out the necessary tests, you can create tailor-made experiences using advanced software options. Unreal Engine 5 offers integrated tools for :

  • Creating and saving customized presentations ;
  • Modifying the interface color palette ;
  • Add or remove functionalities stored in separate plugins ;
  • Creating shortcuts.

There are also other virtual production tools available to complement Unreal Engine, such as Unity, CloudPano and Kuula. You'll get virtual real estate tours tailored to your needs.

Integration of optimization options

You can also add additional optimization options, such as :

  • Augmented reality: this involves superimposing digital elements on real elements in real time. It enables interaction with both the physical and digital worlds;
  • Interaction: integrate options to open a door, move furniture, open a closet, etc. ;
  • Virtual reality headset: offering a VR headset for your virtual tours aims to enhance the user experience.

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