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3D architecture: a must for real estate development

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3D architectural visuals are developing fast. More and more developers, real estate agencies and construction professionals are using these tools to boost their communications and sales. Why call in a professional?

How do you use your3D architecture tools properly? Let's take a look at all the possibilities offered by 3D.

3D architectural visuals: what are their uses?

3Darchitectural visuals are great tools for real estate developers and architects. These versatile tools lend themselves to a wide range of uses, supporting your real estate business.

Attract customers for your real estate development projects

The use of 3D architecture tools can attract a large number of prospects and customers. Integrated into your communication channels or actions (website, social networks, trade shows), 3D modeling becomes an excellent way of capturing the attention of potential buyers. These visuals are specifically designed to show the highlights of your project (interior layout, architectural design, cladding, setting, landscaping).

In fact, this attractive asset is a crucial aspect of your work for current construction projects, particularly VEFA. For many people wishing to buy new, this is the best way to project themselves into their future house or apartment. That's why real estate developers use photo-realistic 3D images and perspectives.

Support the sales team

Once your prospects' interest is piqued, 3D architectural visualizations can provide them with essential sales information. Indeed, in addition to perspectives, intuitive and interactive tools offer additional information in an entertaining way. Take, for example, the 360° virtual tour, which offers a way to visit a show apartment and discover the different rooms and layouts. For potential buyers, it's an excellent way to project themselves into the future and make an informed decision. In fact, virtual visits are playing an increasingly important role in French people's real estate purchasing plans. Its inclusion in your communication programs is therefore essential.

The same applies to orbital models, which optimize the work of your sales teams. All essential project information is available 24 hours a day on this 3D tool. Thanks to its accessibility and CRM connection, it's even possible to offer your buyers the option of booking online. They serve as effective salestools, especially as these visuals add value to your customer experience. 

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Act as a portfolio

3D architecture tools are an excellent way to present yourself to other professionals and the general public. In fact, thanks to the 3D design of your past, future and current projects, they enable you to provide your catalogs and portfolios at any time. By opting for photo-realistic images to present your achievements, you also enhance your brand image. This is a key element in convincing future investors to participate in your real estate projects. Another significant advantage is that 3D architectural perspectives provide a better understanding of your projects for architectural competitions or programs such as theÉquerre d'argent.

Are you looking to develop your brand image with 3D architecture? Call on a specialist in real estate and architecture. 

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3D architecture for professionals: what are the benefits?

Having your visuals produced for 3D architecture offers benefits on several levels, ensuring the smooth running of your entire project.

Time-saving at every stage

3D architecture saves you time at every stage of your real estate project. Thanks to perspectives, for example, your prospects are able to understand your project quickly and precisely. This makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience. What's more, thanks to 3D architectural visuals, you can improve the time it takes to sell your lots. By clearly showing what the apartment will look like under construction, you can provide your prospects with the keys to making the right decision. You avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations between you and your prospects. That's why they streamline your external communications.

Improved team collaboration

3D architectural visuals are also an excellent in-house tool. They provide a common representation of the project, making it easier for the whole team to work together. So, whether you're talking about building professionals,architects, decorators or craftsmen, it's easier for everyone to follow the objectives. The result is greater efficiency during the construction phase. By improving your internal communication, you can better monitor the project and detect any construction or finishing problems (inconsistencies, defects, errors). This avoids unforeseen events and last-minute changes, and hence delays in site delivery.

Optimized customer experience

Offering 3D architectural plans, 3D perspectives and other tools can optimize your customer experience. Thanks to their ease of use, these tools improve interactions with your sales team. Other tools, such as the 3D configurator, are increasingly sought after by individuals looking for a new home. They allow you to project yourself 100% into your house or apartment. Among other things, this tool can be used to furnish and decorate different rooms in the house.

You can therefore provide your future buyers with a living room configurator or a kitchen configurator to show them the potential of the location. For any developer, this is a powerful way of triggering a purchasing decision.

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Who can create 3D visuals and architectural plans?

Today, there are a number of intuitive 3D architecture software programs that enable the general public to create 3D house plans, visuals or even mock-ups. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create new interior designs, floor plans or room layouts.

However, the quality and consistency of renderings are not always up to scratch, especially if the software is in the hands of beginners. Indeed, quality 3D architectural visuals require real skill.

That's why it's essential for professionals to turn to 3D architecture specialists. The best software requires the skills of specialized computer graphics artists. They master the various 3D software programs to produce not only house plans, but also models, perspectives and breathtaking animated films. You can therefore benefit from a wide range of tools by working with a multi-talented agency.

These professionals prepare the various stages in the creation of your 3D renderings:

  • Sketching your project ;
  • Texturing of the validated project (addition of colors, shadows) ;
  • Correct any errors ;
  • Delivery of final rendering.

This step-by-step process ensures the quality of your professional visuals. Indeed, in addition to software knowledge, a graphic designer unleashes his creativity to enhance your project. As a skilled designer, he takes care of the visual aspect of the project so that it is attractive and harmonious in the eyes of your prospects. In line with your specifications, he works on customizing the visuals. He will: model, design, decorate and furnish all the necessary rooms.

At VIZION STUDIO, we've been working with real estate developers, architects and construction professionals for over 10 years. Our 3D images are all created with sales in mind. As real estate marketing specialists, our 3D architectural creations are designed to reach your core target: individuals, families, businesses...

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