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Why work with a 3D graphic designer for your real estate project?

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Do you have a real estate or architectural project to present to buyers and investors? 3D visuals have become the preferred means of presenting a project and arousing the interest of prospective buyers.

To do this, you need to work with a 3D computer graphics designer who will support you fully in your work. He or she will sketch, model and texture the images to bring your real estate program to life. However, his role is not limited to mere presentation. Discover in this article the importance of a 3D graphic designer in your real estate project.

A 3D graphic designer to support your communications and marketing

A 3D computer graphics designer in architecture, sometimes called a perspectivist or 3D graphic designer, creates 3D images for real estate projects. Thanks to their photorealistic creations, they can support your communication campaigns and real estate marketing.

Through his diverse skills, he plays his crucial role as communicator. When you work with a 3D graphic designer, you get 3D visuals that directly demonstrate the project's strengths. Indeed, during your initial discussions with this professional, he or she listens to your needs and the strengths of your project. He analyzes your objectives and discovers all your expectations, enabling him to adapt his creations. So, knowing all the key aspects of your program, he can create 3D perspectives and other visuals that highlight them in particular. These include scenery, environment, modern infrastructure and so on.

In addition to demonstrating these strengths, the role of the 3D real estate graphic designer is to create visuals that are attractive and impactful for your target audience. Indeed, in the face of increasingly tough competition, visuals need to impact the maximum number of people while arousing their interest. For photorealistic visuals, we work on all the aspects that will catch the eye of future buyers: decoration, light, shadows, environment and textures, to get as close as possible to reality and catch the eye of prospective buyers. This ensures maximum interest.

What's more, your graphic designer works with digital images to make them suitable for different formats. He is able to adapt his visuals to the different media required for your real estate development project:

  • Traditional channels: brochures, trade show screenings, browsable catalogs ;
  • Digital media: website, social networks, mailing campaign...

It fully supports your marketing campaigns with attractive, high-impact visuals adapted to all communication media.

Did you know that 3D perspective has become an indispensable part of every real estate project?

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A graphic designer adds his creative touch to your real estate project

Before being a technical profession, 3D computer graphics is one that requires a strong artistic and creative sense. The computer graphics designer is the artist who transforms classic 2D plans into stunning digital images. To do this, they draw on their extensive graphic and architectural knowledge: current trends, ideal colors, space design, etc.

To support his creative process and knowledge, bring him all your ideas and expectations regarding the final look of the project. He can draw on your references, such as photos of your previous projects, a color palette, a visual identity, other 3D visuals that you like, and so on. In this way, the project will reflect your expectations, while benefiting from his unique artistic touch.

3D computer graphics artists bring their artistic flair to every project, down to the smallest detail. For example, he imagines the layout or interior decoration to show your prospects the project's full potential. He or she can focus on details such as the addition of a 3D-modeled lamp, the choice of the best carpet to lay or the right wall covering for a rendering that matches your expectations.

Depending on the advantages of the real estate program, he can choose a unique way to present the project. For example, instead of the traditional front view of the program, showing a tree in the foreground will sublimate the environment of the site, while standing out from the crowd. Similarly, to showcase a large-scale project, he may choose an aerial view that shows all the buildings, instead of proposing several consecutive visuals.

In this way, an artistic and sometimes unique eye can bring added value to your 3D visuals. It's an essential way of standing out from your competitors.

Do you need a creative mind to sublimate your real estate project? Our 3D graphic designers are here to help.

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A 3D graphic designer creates high-quality visuals

A 3D graphic designer is above all a technician who masters 3D rendering,architecture and graphic arts software. Thanks to these technical skills, he or she can produce visuals of exceptional quality and state-of-the-art technology.

His ability to work with computer-generated images enables him to create 3D perspectives, panoramic images and 3D plans. As a result, you'll be able to :

  • Professional quality: thanks to its technical skills, your prospects or investors can appreciate exceptional image quality. Every element is carried out efficiently and in detail: sharp image processing, consistent colors and shadows. It's a guarantee of professionalism on your part.
  • Faithful rendering: we work as closely as possible to the actual dimensions of your project, working to scale from your plans. This allows your prospects to project themselves fully into the interior rooms: ceiling height, available space, etc. Without it, the rendering is likely to mislead your prospects.
  • Detecting inconsistencies and errors: your computer graphics designer plays an integral part in your project's progress, since his work can help builders and construction engineers. In fact, 3D visuals can reveal inconsistencies or errors in the project. Solutions can then be found digitally, before they are applied in practice.

A graphic designer supports both your construction and communications teams. You'll find graphic designers who are both generalists and specialists in one or more fields. Indeed, 3D computer graphics covers a wide field: 3D modeling, 3D animation, virtual visits, orbital models, plans, etc. These technicians can help you create complete tools for your project.

Do you want to take your real estate communications one step further?

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A 3D graphic designer saves you time

A 3D computer graphics designer specializing in real estate can help you save time on your real estate project. As a real estate developer or architect, you need to devote all your time to your project, and leave the creation of 3D visuals to the professionals. Indeed, mastering software and creating renderings often requires years of study and expertise. Only an expert in the field, with the necessary skills, can deliver professional-quality visuals, the essential leverage for your sales.

Consider delegating this crucial task to a 3D graphic designer, who has all the necessary skills. This professional can offer you a unique, creative and, above all, sales-oriented product. You'll also save yourself the training and production of visuals in-house, which will require a considerable amount of work on top of your other obligations.

By entrusting the creation of 3D renderings to professionals, you free up more time for :

  • Refine your sales strategy ;
  • Continue your prospecting ;
  • Finding financing;

You'll be able to focus on your core business and make the most of every opportunity.

Go further with a 3D studio

A freelance 3D graphic designer carries out many tasks that are essential to your real estate program. For ambitious projects, you'll need several professionals in your field. So calling on a 3D design studio that brings together several professionals is the best way to achieve coherent, large-scale work.

A 3D studio brings together a number of 3D technicians and artists to produce ambitious programs: layout artist, 3D animator, project management expert, art director... These different professions combine to produce all the 3D visuals and tools required for your project.

At VIZION STUDIO, we're a team of passionate, creative real estate marketers. When you call on us, you benefit not only from professional quality, but also from a service tailored to your needs. You'll have access to a single point of contact (a project manager) who leads the teamwork to bring your project to life and achieve your goals.

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