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3D modeling: its 3 major roles in real estate

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An essential part of today's world, 3D modeling has found its way into films, video games, product and character design. In real estate, it actively supports developers, architects and real estate agents in the presentation and design of a property program. What roles do digital mock-ups, 3D perspectives, plans and animations play in a real estate project?

Find out why 3D modeling has become so crucial in this article.

3D modeling, an effective communication and marketing asset

3D modeling consists of digitally creating or recreating objects or buildings in computer-generated images, as close to reality as possible. This visual impact makes it an effective marketing tool in the digital age. Attractive and realistic, 3D tools make any architectural or building project easy to understand and show its appeal.

In concrete terms, it's an effective presentation for the general public and building professionals alike. It shortens the time it takes to understand a project by showing the key aspects directly. For example, instead of describing the attractive setting of a real estate development, you can use a 3D perspective or 3D panorama to show the beauty of the surroundings in simple images. Trees, parks and fountains can be easily inserted into your 3D renderings to show the interest of your project's location.  

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In this day and age, the battle for attention between brands is at an all-time high. So, in addition to acting as a highly effective presentation, the visual beauty of 3D models also arouses the interest of prospective customers. This allows you to stand out from the continuous stream of various solicitations. To ensure interest in your real estate program, rely on high-quality 3D realizations. 

For example, by showing exterior views of the future facade of a single-family home, you're sure to win an immediate heartthrob. At the same time, a sketch or plan is no longer enough to attract a click. Consumers are used to seeing high-quality visuals, which makes 3D modeling indispensable today.

Similarly, in France, according to 2Emotion, 78% of 16 - 64 year-olds consume online videos. So, in your real estate marketing strategy, don't hesitate to include elements like 3D animation. Lively, dynamic and entertaining, short videos rekindle the interest of your prospects and increase your rate of requests for information.

The advantage of 3D modeling remains its suitability for all types of communication channels. These visually appealing renderings are equally suited to traditional and digital channels. So you can use your 3D renderings to :

  • Your website ;
  • Your social networks ;
  • Your online catalogs ;
  • Your trade show screenings ;
  • Your displays ;
  • Your brochures, etc.

Modeling is therefore essential not only to establish your reputation, but also to increase your sales.

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3D rendering, a tool for optimizing real estate project design

Designed to showcase a building under construction, 3D modeling is generally used to impress your future buyers or investors. However, your team can also fully benefit from it, as this tool makes the work of builders, architects and decorators smoother and faster. The use of 3D software by experienced computer graphics designers helps to identify potential errors and inconsistencies, thus optimizing the design of the entire project. 

This is because, in spite of refined plans, realization on site doesn't always meet expectations. This is why producing 3D plans or perspectives allows you to visualize potential problems in advance: inconsistencies in the project, poor finish, poor color rendering, lack of space optimization or design errors.

3D modeling not only reveals potential problems that can slow down the project, but also provides the solution. Have you identified a problem with the building's final appearance? A 3D graphic artist can make digital modifications to find a better aesthetic compromise. Is the space not optimized? Three-dimensional modeling can help you imagine the best interior configurations for each room.

Digital modifications save time and, above all, money. Instead of hard modifications, digital modifications are low-cost solutions that won't affect the economics of your real estate project.

Another plus, for workers and craftsmen, is that 3D models help to streamline construction and design. By showing the expected end result, it's easier for teams to get the job done. The risk of error is reduced.

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3D modeling, a key factor in buyers' decisions 

3D modeling is not just a visual tool, it's also a key decision-making factor for buyers. In addition to arousing interest, 3D creation provides essential information that reassures investors about their purchase. In this way, each type of tool provides additional information that is essential to the decision-making process:

  • Virtual tour and immersion: thanks to the easy-to-use virtual tour, visitors can access information such as room layouts, materials used, visibility within the room or panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • 3D plans and volumetric information: the 3D plan provides essential information on the volumes and space available in the location, enabling you to understand its spatial layout.
  • Before/After and simulation: to discover the full potential and immerse yourself in the project, your prospects can discover a Before/After to understand the project's possible layouts.
  • Mock-ups and sales information: virtual mock-ups with CRM are effective tools that can include both sales and visual information. The user interface can include available lots in real time, price, parts and also the possibility of reserving the lot of one's choice.

Thanks to the data provided by your 3D tools, you can offer an essential information base to facilitate your prospects' purchasing decisions. Videos and perspectives increase the number of requests for further information, making it easier for your sales force to close the sale. Without relevant information, you risk losing the interest of your customers, and therefore the profitability of your real estate program.

3D modeling, call on our 3D agency

To benefit from the advantages of modeling, work with a 3D studio specializing in real estate marketing. In fact, despite the large number of3D architecture software programs available to produce 3D renderings (Sketchup, Blender, 3D Builder), calling in a professional always offers the best solution in terms of quality and price. In fact, highlighting your project, providing the right information and advising on the most appropriate tools are real advantages of working with a company that is an expert in the field.

At VIZION STUDIO, we not only create effective 3D models, we also use a flexible design process to bring a unique solution to your project. This allows us to listen to your needs, anticipate your issues and bring your project to life.

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