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3D orbital model: innovative features

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The 3D orbital model accelerates the marketing of your lots. As an enriched, interactive tool, it is packed with features that enhance the customer experience. An indisputable asset for any property developer, it is an indispensable part of an effective marketing strategy. Let's take a look at the features you can integrate into your orbital model.

Different views of the orbital model

The 3D orbital model is a scale model of your real estate project. It offers a rapid understanding of your project thanks to its realistic, interactive visualization. The 3D model lets you move around the complex in 360° rotation. Zooming in and out allows you to observe every detail of the project. So your prospects can admire not only the facades, but also the surrounding spaces.

When creating the model, you can request one or more types of visualization:

  • Global aerial view: allows you to see the entire architecture from the air
  • Pedestrian mode: a bird's-eye view of facades and vegetation
  • The floor plan: this shows each stage in turn. Your future buyer can click on the floor of interest and discover its layout. You can even zoom in on an apartment to see its technical details.

Integrating CRM into the 360° orbital model

The orbital model is a formidable marketing tool. By connecting to your CRM and your inventory, your future buyer will be able to discover available lots. By zooming in on an apartment or house, they can discover the available surface area and layout. This information facilitates your prospects' purchasing decisions, and enables them to reserve directly online.

Compatible with a tablet, PC or smartphone, future buyers gain in autonomy and can get information whenever they want. Real-time access to the model at any time reduces the workload of your sales teams. Thanks to this 3D tool, you'll see an increase in your direct sales figures.

Integrating tools into the interactive real estate model

The 360° orbital model is an interactive, enhanced tool. It can incorporate a number of complementary functionalities to meet the expectations of potential buyers. In this way, it is possible to insert numerous tools into your orbital model:

  • 3D and 2D plans for an understanding of spatial layout
  • Virtual tours for total immersion in a show apartment
  • External links for additional information
  • Decorated 3D perspectives to suggest design ideas. 

So you can enrich your layout to suit your needs.

This information helps buyers to make the right purchasing decision, removing any final doubts they may have. However, the integration of such functionalities is only possible thanks to high-quality visual creation. That's why it's a good idea to work with a professional, specialized 3D studio.  

Would you like a powerful tool to boost your sales?

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