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3D plans in real estate development: 5 questions to help you understand this innovation

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In recent years, 3D has revolutionized the visualization of real estate to be built or under construction. The 3D plan has become an indispensable tool in real estate development. By enabling a project to be viewed from every angle, this revolutionary technology offers potential buyers an unrivalled immersive experience.

As 3D professionals, we can answer your questions about 3D plans for real estate development.

What are the advantages of 3D design in real estate development?

A 3D plan is a 3-dimensional representation of a space (single-family homes, apartments, commercial premises). Generally viewed from above, this image allows you to see the entire surface at a glance, and offers a number of advantages.

Better understanding of space

Including the height of partitions and walls, the 3D plan makes it easier to understand the volumes in a given location. So, if you're looking to buy an apartment or house, this visual aid enables you to effectively analyze all aspects of the property:

  • Space layout
  • Room layout and openings (staircases, doors)
  • Interior design (kitchen, bathroom, living room)
  • Furnishings (tables, chairs, beds, kitchen equipment)
  • Interior design

Unlike 2D plans (architectural plans), this is not a technical drawing for builders, but rather a tool for the general public. As such, it becomes indispensable for private individuals or professionals wishing to project themselves into a property before purchasing it.

Understanding the aesthetics of the site

In addition to being an information tool on space, a 3D plan is also an aesthetic visual. So, when a computer graphics artist draws a plan, he or she not only assembles the walls and rooms, but also textures the whole. In this phase, realistic touches are added to the computer-generated image to show its final aesthetic: brick or concrete walls, wooden partitions, polished metal verandas. In this way, the plan offers a clear vision of colors, textures...

For maximum visual information, 3D plans usually include a complete furnishing for each room. All this makes for an excellent visual experience, while at the same time arousing the interest of your potential customers.

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Why create a 3D plan for a real estate project?

Designing a 3D plan for a real estate project is becoming a must in the digital age. As a sales tool, a brand image enhancer and a time-saver, it supports you in all aspects of real estate development.

Obtain reservations and information requests

Thanks to the QUALITEL barometer, we know that the decision-making process is still stressful for most buyers, so you need to be able to reassure them properly. In fact, when selling off-plan or VEFA, buyers are often more alert and meticulous about their choices. 3D modeling, and in particular 3D floor plans, are reassuring elements that make it easier to project oneself into the future property. Indeed, the ability to visualize future acquisitions provides additional information. The habitable or usable surface area is more precise. Decorations and finishes are visible and attractive. In this way, it facilitates the sale by showing all the property's potential in a simple way.

With the "configurator" option, your prospects can even decorate, knock down a wall or move objects to check whether the apartment matches their expectations. This personalization will increase your prospects' interest and, ultimately, your bookings. Thanks to its aesthetic appeal and ease of use, it really does win the hearts of your buyers.

Show your seriousness and professionalism

Working on your brand image as a professional is of paramount importance, and even more so in real estate development. To arouse interest and win the trust of your buyers and investors, it's impossible to do without beautiful digital creations. In fact, the quality of the 3D renderings offered on your site gives you credibility at every turn. In fact, the more you showcase high-quality visuals, the more prospects will identify you as a trusted professional.

Save time

The 3D plan not only saves time in the sales process, helping prospects to make the right purchasing decision, but also facilitates the coordination of construction teams. Indeed, for those involved in the project, the 3D plan serves as a reliable basis for building or completing the site. This applies to all the trades involved: design office, interior designer, decorator, carpenter, etc. In this way, your entire team can work together to create a project that meets your expectations, avoiding the misunderstandings that can delay construction and add to your budget.

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How to get the most out of a 3D plan?

Drawing up 3D house and apartment plans for your real estate project is a great step, but you still need to take full advantage of it. There are several ways to do this.

Use the 3D plan on social networks and the website

Considered as particularly visual information, the 3D plan lends itself perfectly to social networks with a predominance of images, such as Instagram or Pinterest. So don't hesitate to include their use in your marketing plan. This tool attracts the eye, arouses interest and, above all, provides maximum information at a glance. For example, you can invest in social networks to increase your requests for information. For architects, the 3D plan can be used to fill out portfolios and attract new customers via a website. In fact, Google prefers websites with images. This will attract more traffic to your site and boost your sales.

Project visuals at events

If you're taking part in a new-build show, you can also make the most of your 3D plans. Large screens or video projections enable you to present your project to a wide audience. They are eye-catchers, and increase the flow of visitors and requests for information to your stand. If you're presenting your project with a PowerPoint presentation to investors, don't hesitate to include a high-quality house plan. This will enable you to show your expertise in a more concrete way to your audience.

Using floor plans in real estate ads

These visuals show your expertise to anyone who passes by your real estate ads. Although real estate developers tend to show the facades of construction projects from a 3D perspective, you can supplement the information on your ads with a 3D plan. Don't hesitate to use it to respond to inquiries, making it easier to convince your prospects.

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How much does it cost to design a 3D plan?

Designing a high-quality 3D plan depends on several factors:

  • The scope of the project
  • The number of rooms to model and fit out
  • Quality of workmanship, finishes and coatings

In general, the price is tailored to your requirements, since the cost will be different for a large, modern 1000 m2 house than for a small apartment. In any case, for any property developer, a 3D plan remains an excellent investment, since its benefits are palpable. It therefore ensures a return on investment, thanks to its importance in communication and sales. To achieve your goals, have a 3D plan designed by professionals.

Who should I entrust with the creation of a 3D plan?

Nowadays, many architectural software packages enable you to produce a 3D plan. However, the quality of the final rendering depends on the power of the software and, above all, the skill of the person using it. Creating 3D plans is not for everyone. So, to create a professional-quality plan that will appeal to potential customers, it's best to turn to experts who are fully conversant with 3D design software.

You can call on the services of a 3D graphic designer to model, texture, decorate and furnish your 3D plan. At VIZION STUDIO, our entire team is at your disposal to produce a high-quality 3D plan and other visuals. We work from your architectural plans, your ideas and your sources of inspiration to deliver a result that lives up to your expectations.

Our computer graphics experts are unrivalled technicians, and they create the framework to scale, respecting the dimensions and dimensions of the project to avoid any errors that could mislead your team and your prospects. Once the sketch has been validated, they carry out the texturing, which consists of creating the patterns, colors and trim for the interior. Finally, depending on the chosen ambience, they arrange the interior and place the furniture strategically. If you need additional visuals (virtual tour,3D architectural perspective, 3D animation, scale model, etc.), our team will be happy to answer all your requests.

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