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3D real estate plans: the key to VEFA success

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For any property developer, concluding off-plan or VEFA sales requires considerable effort. The 3D real estate plan is the key tool that real estate developers can use to facilitate sales.

Aesthetic, realistic and customizable, this three-dimensional representation of the property combines all the elements needed to arouse the interest of your future buyers. Discover how the 3D plan is the ideal tool to guarantee the success of your VEFA project.

The 3D real estate plan is a decision-making tool

Thanks to the accumulation of cash before construction, VEFA(Vente en l'Etat Futur d'Achèvement) ensures greater profitability for your real estate project. To guarantee pre-sales and rapidly secure your financing, the 3D plan is the tool you need. By offering a complete, global visualization of your unbuilt property, your potential buyers can grasp all its assets at a glance:

  • Space layout
  • Interior design: bathroom, living room, kitchen
  • Room layout and openings: doors, staircases
  • Furnishings: tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, beds
  • Interior design

Thanks to three-dimensional visualization, your future buyers can appreciate the full potential of the property. This makes it easier for them to envision their future apartment or house.

The 3D real estate plan is a customization tool

With a customizable 3D real estate plan, you can meet your customers' expectations for properties that have not yet been built on, or for work in progress.

Better meet your customers' needs

Meeting customer expectations is a priority for any property developer selling off-plan. What better way to reassure your customers than with a 3D real estate plan that you can customize as you wish? In fact, unlike other 3D visuals, a 3D plan can be easily modified to produce different versions of a space. With the "configurator" option, your prospects can make modifications to :

  • Finishing touches: changing wall colors
  • Interior design: knocking down a wall
  • Furnishing: moving objects, adding decorations

Complete with a virtual tour

Providing an immersive experience is the key to the successful sale of your new property development. You can accompany your 3D plan with a virtual tour to impress your future buyers. Not only will they be able to visualize the complex, but they'll also be able to explore every room and observe every detail. This facilitates communication with your prospects, reinforcing the personalization of their future property.

The 3D real estate plan is an effective marketing tool

Integrating a 3D real estate plan into your advertisements is an effective marketing tool . As you know, buyers are more meticulous about their choices when selling off-plan. So make sure they have easy access to 3D plans on your website and social networks. The presence of 3D visuals on your communication media gives you greater visibility and credibility, attracting more customers, including a maximum number of requests for information and reservations. 

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