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3D studio for real estate development: 5 reasons to use it

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Would you like to entrust the creation of 3D perspectives or plans for real estate development to professionals? There are several solutions: recruit in-house, call on several profiles or hire an agency specializing in 3D.

A 3D studio offers many advantages for carrying out your 3D project from A to Z in an efficient and coherent way. Here are 5 excellent reasons to use a 3D studio for your real estate development project.

1/ Ultra-realistic and attractive 3D visuals thanks to 3D studios

Thanks to a qualified team, a 3D studio produces high-quality visualizations with a high level of detail, essential for seducing your prospects. To do this, a graphic artist models your project before texturing it. This involves coloring, adding atmosphere or managing the transparency of the rendering. The result is a polished, detailed final rendering that reflects your architectural plans and your imagination.

For property developers, it's an effective way of showing off the future building while construction is still underway.

Whether it is a residential or tertiary building construction project, realistic visuals concern all aspects of the project:

  • The texture of the coatings
  • The colors
  • The settings and environments
  • Interior fittings (furniture)
  • Brightness and shading

For real estate developers, the level of detail is such that it's possible to create visuals that resemble a true photo realistic rendering. This realism brings prospects as close to reality as possible, and facilitates their decision to buy or invest.

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2/ Customized and efficient creations thanks to a 3D studio

For every real estate project, there are dedicated visuals. Indeed, if you're addressing a company, a public body or a private individual, you'll need more appropriate renderings. So, depending on your target clientele and marketing objective, designers create different 3D visuals. A 3D studio brings together all the skills specific to real estate marketing among its team members.

In concrete terms, to satisfy your needs, a 3D studio creates its visuals according to precise specifications where you indicate all your technical and aesthetic requirements. Moodboard, description of your project, desired rendering, stakes of your project, your target customers... Every information counts.

Once this information has been recorded, the technical and creative team takes charge of creating your custom project, in accordance with your requirements. These specifications serve as a guide throughout the creative process. The teams first conceptualize 2D or 3D black and white sketches to be validated. Once validated or once the modification requests have been applied, the designers move on to texturing and create the final rendering, in accordance with your expectations.

This tailor-made service applies directly to all aspects of your 3D visuals:

  • The furniture
  • The texture of the walls
  • Interior design
  • The brightness and lighting
  • The angle of view

To ensure consistent visuals and videos, a dedicated project manager oversees the artistic and technical direction of your project. He ensures the coherence of the work of the different skills within his team (computer graphics, modeling, composition, production, 3D animation). This customization applies equally to 3D imaging and animated film projects. For 3D animations, for example, you can ask us to produce a simple tour of a complex, or showanimated characters walking through the living spaces.

Thanks to visualizations specifically designed to reach your target audience, this personalization makes it much easier to achieve your marketing objectives: pre-purchase, investment, etc.

3/ Complete real estate visuals thanks to a 3D agency

The most important advantage of a 3D studio is the multidisciplinarity of its team. As a studio specializing in 3D animation, 3D rendering andarchitectural tools, it produces a wide range of tools for real estate development and architectural competitions. So you won't have to search for computer graphics artists and animators in several places, since a single 3D agency brings together all the talents for your project. This ensures perfect consistency between all your 3D visuals: videos, images or interactive models.

In this day and age, a 3D studio can meet all your needs in three-dimensional rendering:

  • The interior 3D perspectives allow you to discover the interior layout of each type of lot;
  • The exterior 3D perspectiveshows the façade and the environment of the site to better situate the complex in space;
  • The Before/After offers a way to makeover a room from the inside;
  • The 3D plans improvethe understanding of the distribution of space and volumes in a lot;
  • The 3D ground plan clearly situates the complex in space and determines the entrances and exits;
  • The 3D model offers a cut-out understanding of a complex and the integration of a CRM for an immediate purchase;
  • The virtual visit allows a room-by-room and remote visit of an existing property or one under construction;
  • The configurator allows your prospects to customize a package and improve their purchasing decision;
  • The 3D animation film is a playful presentation of your project, based on a storyboard, capable of generating the interest of your prospects.

Thus, thanks to a single point of contact, you can receive comprehensive tools for effective real estate marketing.

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4/ Save time with your 3D design studio

Using a 3D studio saves a lot of time in your architectural or real estate project. As previously mentioned, instead of calling on several freelance 3D specialists, an agency brings together all the 3D professions. So you don't waste time managing a disparate team. Moreover, thanks to its workflow, a 3D studio will realize your 3D visuals in a more cohesive way.

Animator, designer, architect and computer graphics specialist ensure the coherence of your entire project for a highly realistic and convincing result for your prospects. The animation techniques, the creation of synthetic images, video editing, texturing of the models are assured by a single team.

Your role will be to validate the sketches and propose modifications when they do not correspond to your expectations. You will then be able to concentrate on other essential aspects of your project: the search for prospects, the organization of presentation sessions, property management, etc. This is a significant time-saver for any real estate developer.

5/ Better real estate communication with a 3D studio

Thanks to a collaboration with a 3D studio, you can better present your future real estate in a professional manner and ensure effective promotion. Whether in the pre-sales or marketing phase, 3D tools make your work easier. In fact, they make the sales process, whether remote or live, much smoother. In traditional communications, you can use 3D animation videos to present your project at a property show. Your sales team can use flyers or other media to show 3D perspectives of future lots. To take things a step further, you can even offer an immersive virtual visit using virtual reality headsets on site. In addition to traditional communication, digital real estate communication should not be overlooked. The strength of the 3D studio lies in its ability to provide you with tools that integrate easily with all digital media. Your website and social networks can easily accommodate virtual tours, plans and perspectives. And don't forget 3D visualizations reinforce your brand image. As an integral part of good visual communication, they are a guarantee of your seriousness and professionalism as a property developer. Working with a 3D studio is therefore a guarantee of professionalism and success for your real estate projects. You are looking for a 3D studio for your communication? Choose one of our packages.

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