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5 reasons to adopt 3D immo technology for your real estate project

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Are you looking to become more relevant in the real estate development industry? 3D real estate technology is a powerful lever for achieving this. This technology is constantly innovating to facilitate the communication and marketing work of real estate developers. Much more than a simple visual tool, 3D addresses several key issues: marketing, communication, sales and customer relations.

Why is 3D immo becoming indispensable for real estate developers? Here are 5 reasons.

3D real estate: essential understanding for your buyers

3D real estate offers a clear visual representation of a property or new program. It plays a key role in making your projects clear to buyers. A picture is worth a thousand words, and 3-D visuals make it easier to understand all aspects of the project: aesthetics, technical aspects, dimensions, layout...

For individuals and professionals alike, buying real estate often requires careful consideration before making a clear decision. For any property developer, providing them with as much information and transparency as possible therefore helps to pass on as much relevant information as possible.

Whether the buyer is looking for a primary residence to live in, or wishes to exploit the rental profitability of his purchase, he will take the time to analyze every aspect of your program. In addition to technical information, 3D images provide visual information that is easy for the general public to grasp. For many buyers, these images enable them to compare their search criteria with your real estate offers (available space, size of home, attractiveness of living environment, etc.).

This understanding applies not only to the outside of a house or building, but also to the inside. So you can immerse your prospects in the heart of the building or a new home through a 3D visual.

This is the case of the 3D plan, which provides access to all the information on the interior layout of your real estate development. Thanks to this tool, your prospects will be able to check out a number of key elements, such as color options, cladding, finishes and room and furniture layouts. A single glance will give them a wealth of information to help them decide whether or not to proceed with this real estate transaction.

Last but not least,this information can beused internally. If your program is under construction, a 3D visual can be used to clarify objectives with your teams, so as to get as close as possible to your expectations.

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3D immo technology: a way to pique your prospects' interest

Arousing the interest of prospects and potential investors remains a crucial part of your work as a real estate developer. In general, it only takes a few seconds to hold a person's attention on a real estate ad. Having attractive images makes it easier to attract and retain their interest.

They convey all the attractive aspects of the program. For example, it's a matter of highlighting a pleasant living environment, a lovely seafront, new apartments built in a green setting. These small elements play a major role in triggering the interest of your targets.

So while your images and 3D tools are being designed, a graphic artist imagines viewpoints, textures and elements to ensure that his or her work appeals to your target audience. In this way, every detail is made specifically to fit in with your real estate marketing. The design of 3D visuals can be totally different if you're targeting families, individuals, young professionals or even professionals and businesses. You'll see the impact directly, whether at a trade show, on a real estate ad or on a website.

Another key element in attracting interest is the ability to customize. Nowadays, for many buyers, the ability tocustomize their home online is becoming a priority before buying a new home. So consider equipping yourself with 3D configurator-type tools to meet their needs. Thanks to this interface, your prospects will have access to a room and will be able to adjust various aspects of it (color, furniture, etc.) to project themselves 100% into it. It's a real "coup de coeur" factor that's sure to push an interested prospect to the next step.

3D immo visuals: an accessible communication tool for real estate promotion

The visuals of 3D real estate technology make it easy to present a development or a new building complex. Whatever your chosen marketing strategy, it's important to multiply your communication channels when communicating your offers. In fact, these visuals often lend themselves to several online or offline channels, and can be used at different times.

Online, you can use them on social networks, websites or showcase sites to attract prospects. Offline, these visuals lend themselves to a variety of uses at trade shows, fairs, displays and prospecting events: image projections, exhibitions, printed flyers... By working with graphic designers who produce quality 3D visuals, you're more likely to attract first-time buyers, who attach the utmost importance to them.

Often, for unreserved lots on a completed project, using 3D images and perspectives easily revives interest in the project, and also revitalizes your sales.

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3D technology: a boost for batch marketing

3D real estate technology helps you to sell your lots more effectively at every stage of the project. For sales in the future state of completion (vefa), 3D is an excellent way to show what the future new property will look like. These images of new apartments and villas provide maximum information about the project, and establish a relationship of trust with your prospects.

This information speeds up the purchasing process, since it is considered more reassuring for the buyer. This is the advantage of having an orbital model connected to the CRM, for example. This representation of an entire complex provides all the information on a property, from the first to the top floor. In this way, your prospects can check the availability of the lot, the orientation of each apartment and its dimensions, and then make an online reservation.

Knowing that your prospect's decision to buy requires a considerable period of reflection, he or she will be able to see and review this information at any time. In fact, 3D immo 's tools are always accessible via the Internet, making this information available 24 hours a day. All in all, you can save time, reduce calls and make information requests more efficient. As an added bonus, you can offer better customer relations at all times.

At the moment, more and morereal estate programs are not finding takers, which is why it's so important to boost marketing with 3D visuals. 3D immo can help speed up the buying process, so you can sell your lots more quickly and efficiently.

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Using 3D immo: an element of your brand image

On the market, many real estate developers are competing for market share. To stand out from the crowd, you need to build a solid reputation not only with buyers, but also with investors and financial partners.

Using 3D immo helps enhance your reputation, and by extension your brand image. In fact, using 3D helps to establish your modernity in the ultra-competitive real estate industry. For example, integrating 3D into your communications demonstrates that you're using innovative solutions for your projects, and that you're keeping up with the times. At the same time, you offer a better customer experience to buyers and a quality presentation to your investors. It's a guarantee of quality in the marketplace.

By investing in beautiful visuals and effective communication methods, you're also investing in your reputation. This will make it easier for you to sell your projects in the future, given the strength of your brand image.

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