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How virtual tours are transforming the property developer's business

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Once dependent on physical visits to showcase their properties, real estate developers are now turning to immersive technologies to better communicate with their prospects.

The interactive virtual tour offers a multitude of advantages at every stage of a real estate project, from the presentation of the development to its marketing. Find out how the virtual visit is transforming the real estate developer's profession.

Virtual tours make it easier to understand your real estate project

The real estate virtual tour is an immersive, interactive tool that simulates a visit to a property. Thanks to the panoramic view it offers, visitors can : 

  • Stroll through the rooms;
  • Analyze the complex from different angles;
  • Visualize the architectural style.

For property developers, virtual tours are an effective communication tool. In fact, when you're offering VEFA properties or homes that have not yet been built, it's impossible to offer a real visit. The 3D virtual tour thus enhances understanding of the project, both for your future buyers and for all stakeholders, such as architects, interior designers and real estate agents.

Virtual tours add value to your property

With the rise of virtual reality, attracting new customers is now easier than ever. Thanks to its interactive and immersive content, the virtual visit offers your prospects total immersion at the heart of your real estate complex. You can even adapt the interior layout (decoration, furnishings) to meet the expectations of your target market.

A high-resolution virtual tour makes it easy for your prospects to project themselves into the future. They can visit the property at any time, as virtual tours are compatible with different types of media: tablets, computers and smartphones. Some developers even offer VR headsets to further enhance the user experience.

Virtual tours speed up the marketing process

In addition to enhancing the value of real estate projects, interactive virtual tours are transforming the way real estate developers work. This realistic, interactive tool saves a considerable amount of time in the marketing process. Showing a property takes time, energy and money, but there's no guarantee that your prospect will be genuinely interested. Thanks to the interactive virtual tour, it's no longer necessary to travel, allowing your prospect to visit the property from home, at any time.

The virtual tour also removes geographical barriers. International customers can explore properties without actually visiting them. So you can devote your time to other real estate operations, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Virtual tours enhance your brand image

A true marketing tool, the 3D virtual tour transforms the way you communicate. Real estate communication that includes virtual tours is likely to attract more customers than traditional communication. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering virtual tours on your websites and social networks.

In the digital age, adopting this immersive visualization technology demonstrates professionalism in the eyes of your prospects, whether professionals or private individuals. Ultimately, virtual tours are proving to be essential tools for real estate professionals.

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