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Panorama 360: benefits and uses

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In an ever-changing real estate market, standing out from the crowd is essential to reassure investors and close sales. A 360° representation of a real estate project, the 360° panorama offers a detailed and striking view of the program and its surroundings. Find out why this tool is essential, and how you can use it for your real estate programs.

Total immersion with 360° panorama

The 360° panorama is an immersive tool for understanding a project and its surroundings. Thanks to its 360° visualization, it offers complete immersion in the neighborhood where your real estate project is located. It transcends static images and offers a global understanding of the development. In this way, your prospects can discover the highlights not only of the building, but also of its surroundings.

In fact, 360° panorama designers integrate the layout of the project: every building, every house, gardens and so on. But they also add the surrounding elements likely to attract your prospects: hospitals, shops, parks, schools. This makes it easier for people from outside the region to find their way around. By highlighting the living environment, you can provide future buyers with a clear decision-making tool.

The fun, interactive aspect of the 360° panorama

In the form of a clickable 360° photo or video, the 3D panorama is a particularly fun and interactive tool. Prospects and investors appreciate the ability to discover the entire project in just a few clicks. What's more, 360° panoramas often incorporate links, contextual information and clickable buttons to provide maximum information. For example, you can click on a property for sale to access other 3D tools: a virtual tour, photos or a 3D plan. This single tool therefore contains a whole range of relevant information to encourage a purchasing decision.

As a real estate developer, this 360° panorama is a real added value. You'll stand out from your competitors by providing an enhanced experience for your prospects. 

The effectiveness of the 360° panorama in the financing phase

Once you've created your 360° panorama, you can use it at various stages of the real estate development process. When looking for financing, it's the ideal tool for presenting your project's integration into the city. In just a few clicks, investors and bankers will be able to discover the potential of the program and the quality of the concept. In fact, this 360° visual offers a clear and detailed vision of the project, which can reassure partners, essential for the start-up of your program.

360° panoramas for enhanced communication

At real estate fairs and shows, the 360° panorama is a formidable tool for wowing prospective buyers, whether private individuals or professionals. It's an additional tool to support your sales force in selling your first lots more easily.

Integrated into online ads, 360° panoramas are a powerful argument. By offering an immersive tour of the neighborhood, they hold interest longer than static photographs. To leverage the power of 360° panoramas, include a link to them in all your communication tools.

To achieve the desired effect, working with a quality designer is essential. He'll know how to enhance your program to maximize prospects' enthusiasm.

Ready to offer an unforgettable immersive experience that sells?

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