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Real estate 3D perspective: enhance your interior spaces

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Would you like to enhance the interiors of your new real estate developments? Opt for the 3D real estate perspective, an essential solution for all property developers. Its realistic, immersive rendering offers an unparalleled vision, arousing the emotions of your prospects. Lighting, textures, decoration and furniture layout are all elements that will bring your real estate projects to life. 

Here's how 3D perspective becomes a real asset for enhancing spaces.

3D interior perspective reveals the room's overall ambience

The 3D real estate perspective is a photorealistic representation of a real estate project from a precise point of view. Thanks to its exceptional realism, 3D perspective reveals the general atmosphere of the interior space of a new home or apartment.

To provide a realistic setting for an interior space, 3D perspective integrates lighting and textures.

Room lighting

The 3D real estate perspective is the best tool for enhancing your new real estate developments. Its main advantage is its focus on a precise angle of view, evoking the ambience of the room.

The interior 3D perspective allows you to :

  • Show window locations: this allows you to visualize the natural lighting in the living room, but also the surrounding landscape;
  • Facilitate communication with interior designers: they can better understand your expectations and anticipate potential problems for yourapartment construction or VEFA (vente en l'état futur d'achèvement) projects.

Here, the bay windows particularly enhance the light-filled space, giving the room a warm ambience.

Room textures

Textures are the contrasting elements that bring relief to interior spaces. These include the materials used. Here, for example, the choice of warm materials such as wood (on walls, furniture and flooring) contrasts with the cold mountainexterior, creating a warm ambience in the living room.

3D real estate perspective depicts interior design

The 3D interior perspective lets your suspects visualize the style of the room, through furniture layout, decoration and colors. This immersion makes it easier to market your real estate project to your prospects.

Interior design

To contrast with the greenery visible through the door and window, the designer here opted for a cooler ambience with light tones (white, beige, light brown, etc.) for curtains, cushions, decorative elements, walls and carpet. The 3D perspective also includes a shade of blue that perfectly complements the room's cool atmosphere. A room enhanced in this way, integrated into your real estate ads, will easily win over your customers.

Furniture layout

The 3D perspective can be used to improve the spacing of a restricted interior through the judicious arrangement of furniture. The harmony between furniture and decorations provides a pleasant, comfortable view of the room. To take realism a step further, 3D perspective can even display garden furniture as seen from the window.

It's an invaluable asset for immersing future buyers in the heart of a property and triggering a reservation request.

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