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3D Perspective: highlight the eco-responsibility of your projects

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The construction and public works sector is responsible for the exploitation of natural resources, leading to their depletion. In recent years, the construction of environmentally-friendly buildings has become a key concern for developers and investors. The ecological aspect has become an essential criterion to put forward in a program. How can you showcase your commitment to ecology through your project?

Find out how 3D perspective responds effectively.

3D perspective: highlighting the project's eco-friendly features

Sustainable construction follows environmentally-friendly procedures or uses resources more efficiently. To present this ecological aspect of your project, the 3D perspective proves to be an effective solution. With this tool, you can easily promote the elements that contribute to a building's sustainability andeco-responsibility.

For example, on the outside of the building, a 3D computer graphics artist can create a realistic representation of solar panels, a rainwater recovery system or green roofs. An interior perspective could showcase a thermal insulation system and energy-efficient windows.

These visual aids help buyers understand more quickly how your project embodies eco-responsibility.

3D perspective: realistic visualization of sustainable materials

In addition to this equipment, materials also contribute to the sustainability of a construction project. So, if you've decided to use sustainable or low-environmental-impact materials, a 3D perspective makes it easier to highlight them. For example, by illustrating a bamboo hedge around each property on a 3D image, you show not only its aesthetic interest, but also its ecological functionality. This approach also applies to other sustainable materials used:

  • Recycled concrete ;
  • Recycled steel ;
  • Wood in FSC ;
  • Natural stone.

3D perspective: highlighting architectural design

The architectural design of a building also serves to underline the sustainability of your real estate program. Using 3D real estate perspective, you can show how the shape and layout of the building will have minimal impact on the environment. For example, the building 's orientation towards the sun limits energy consumption for heating and daylighting.

Perspectives 3D: a communication tool to convince buyers and investors

The 3D perspective is a powerful communication tool for highlighting the sustainability of your real estate program. The ecological aspect will appeal to investors, and you'll be sure to win them over to your project.

You can also make potential buyers and investors more aware of this more environmentally-friendly way of life. In fact, the French are increasingly concerned about their footprint on the planet. According to one survey, 44% of French people consider this a priority. As a result, your project is positioned as a solution while offering the most attractive aesthetics.

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