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Real estate marketing: 10 essential tools

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How can you sell your new-build lots more effectively? Prospecting, attracting, marketing and creating your brand image are all part of the recipe for success. However, to get results and facilitate your teams' work, real estate marketing tools are essential. Which ones should you choose?

In this article, we've put together 10 essential tools to complete your strategy.

1 / Real estate video, an excellent lead-acquisition tool

As a key real estate marketing tool, real estate video is a must for promoting your new program. Dynamic, punchy and in tune with the times, the video format is a lever for acquisition and conversion. For your residential or commercial program, you can have 3D animated videos produced as an original presentation for your customers.

They put the project's assets into perspective with an original and convincing presentation. They immerse your prospects in the life of the future complex. Thanks to their realism and aesthetic appeal, they are sure to win over your target audience.

So, by opting for this tool in your real estate marketing, you benefit from communication that's more alive than ever. In the age of the attention war, a well-crafted 3D animation is sure to attract attention and drive your prospects to discover more.

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2 / Social networks, a traffic acquisition channel

Social media is an excellent customer acquisition channel in real estate marketing. By creating profiles and pages, you can target your properties to specific audiences. But you need to choose the right networks:

  • Instagram for excellent visual communication with 3D perspectives;
  • LinkedIn to reach professionals;
  • Youtube to show your presentation videos;
  • Facebook for targeted advertising.

Social networking is a great way to attract attention to your project. It makes communication flow more smoothly and helps build customer loyalty, especially among investors.

3 / 3D perspective, a versatile promotional tool

Thanks to the 3D perspective, you benefit from a meticulous presentation of the property under construction. Created from your plans and computer-generated images, this photorealistic image complements your real estate marketing strategy. To promote your project right from the start , it's important to be able to show what the future complex will look like, in the best possible way.

Aesthetically conceived, it offers maximum enhancement of the future complex, taking into account elements of color, decoration, shadow, ambience, texture and luminosity. Thanks to this ultra-realistic dimension, this image ensures a better projection of your prospects into the future, and is sure to convince your potential buyers.

This 3D perspective integrates naturally into your digital or traditional marketing strategy to :

  • Capturing attention on social networks;
  • Show your professionalism and seriousness through your website;
  • Enhance your brand image at important events;
  • Effectively present one or more types of batch.

This means they can be used for any occasion and are a versatile marketing tool.

4 / Inbound marketing, to attract your prospects

For any real estate developer, building brand awareness is crucial to attracting buyers and investors. With inbound marketing, you not only develop your brand, but also attract potential customers. This technique involves developing strategies to bring customers to you.

For example, you can :

  • Offer white papers;
  • Maintaining a professional blog;
  • Produce videos of potential interest to your prospects.

By offering relevant content, you position yourself as an expert in your market. This strategy enables you to develop a relationship of trust between you and your prospects, facilitating their journey and conversion.

This "magnet" strategy can be juxtaposed with outbound marketing. In this case, to market your batches to professionals or individuals, you can prospect and reach out to them. This includes promotional e-mail campaigns to send to your prospects. Newsletters can also be used to keep in touch if a prospect has shown interest and subscribed.

These two aspects of real estate marketing complement each other perfectly to create synergy in your communication strategy.

5 / Events and trade fairs, traditional real estate marketing solutions

Professional events and trade shows remain a real estate marketing tool of choice. They're ideal for acquiring new prospects and showcasing your expertise directly. You can therefore organize or take part in events to publicize your real estate project:

  • Open days at your offices ;
  • Home shows or new-build property fairs;
  • Laying the foundation stone for the project, etc.

These events allow you to demonstrate your professionalism to potential buyers and, above all, to present your project's assets directly. They're also the ideal opportunity to discover 3D perspectives or real estate videos through large-screen displays, or even to let your guests try out your virtual tours. These occasions are far from being obsolete.

6 / Immersive virtual tours, a key decision factor in real estate marketing

For your potential buyers, 360° virtual tours are a privileged gateway to your future program. Immersive, they enable them to visit one or more types of lots during the pre-sales phase. They can be accessed via cell phone, computer or virtual reality headset. Thanks to their interactivity, they allow you to move around as you please and zoom in on every detail of the place you're visiting virtually.

Indispensable for real estate promoters, they save a considerable amount of time in your marketing process. They make it much easier for prospects to make the right decisions, thanks to their realism and precision. For maximum efficiency, this real estate marketing tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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7 / Advertising, a must in the real estate business

As in the case of older homes, adverts are also one of the key tools in new-build property marketing. For many first-time buyers and seasoned buyers alike, ad distribution platforms are still a reference when it comes to finding a residential property. Portals such as SeLoger Neuf, Le Bon Coin and Bien Ici can help you get your ads out to a wide audience of potentially interested buyers.

8 / Google My Business, a visibility solution

As part of your digital strategy, you can rely on a number of free real estate marketing tools to boost your visibility on Google. This is a real digital showcase where you can enter all the information about your real estate development company:

  • Phone ;
  • Address;
  • Services ;
  • Opening hours ;
  • Link to your website ;
  • Photos and 3D perspectives of your projects.

This form offers greater visibility for localized searches. It enables you to attract people looking for new developments in a specific region. The Google My Business listing also enables you to offer relevant information to prospects, as well as gathering their feedback. This tool is the perfect complement to your website to ensure your online visibility and attract prospects.

9 / Real estate CRM, a productivity booster for the marketing team

CRM, a customer relationship management tool, is becoming increasingly essential. It's not just a customer database, but also a means of processing, managing and analyzing data. So, if you want to prospect for your new-build program, this tool enables you to gather crucial information such as the customer's means of acquisition, their level of interest, the lots they're interested in, etc. This data is essential to deliver an excellent customer experience and lead to contract signatures.

The advantage of using this real estate marketing tool is to offer your customers professional follow-up and support. The customer journey is optimized. What's more, by automating tasks in your CRM, you can boost the productivity of your sales force. In the event of strong demand for your project over a given period, it's an indispensable ally for processing files and better responding to your customers' requests. It helps you put human relations at the heart of your approach.

The CRM can be integrated into an orbital model of your project for ultra-fast access to all information. As your customers see the future building, they can directly select the lot they're interested in online. This saves your sales teams even more time.

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10 / The website, a "visibility" asset for real estate marketing

The website is an essential real estate marketing tool. It serves as :

Virtual showcase for your company;

Professional blog to show expertise ;

Portfolio for images, virtual tours and 3D perspectives;

Leverage customer acquisition to facilitate requests for quotes, brochures or appointments.

It brings together all your other tools to help attract and then convert your prospects into buyers. To take advantage of this, you need to focus on quality content, both textual and, above all, visual.

Would you like to create professional 3D visuals to boost your real estate marketing? Our 3D agency offersdedicated formulas to your projects.

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